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There is a $100000 reward for Markeith Loyd is for information leading to his arrest.

Police Station

A Board to connect Law Enforcement to the entire Comunity

A slideshow tribute to the Fallen Heroes of 2016 by Protecting the Blue.

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NYPD changes policy, will allow Sikh officers to wear turbans.
They are very happy to have the uniform option of full turbans.
Two officers proved they're more than just co-workers when one donated a kidney to the other when he needed it most. Sergeant Darrin Offringa and Deputy Kevin Ay grew close after years of working together. Both married with kids, they shared life stories while on duty and had each others' backs in the most threatening situations, on and off the job.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig talks violence against police officers.
Man behind tuck attack on Christmas market found in Milan
Outrage Over MTV News Video - Race In America - Hannity
NYC Mayoral Candidate Bo Dietl on whether the U.S. should profile Syrian refugees.
Inside law enforcement's training for dealing with an active shooter.
It can happen, anywhere and at any time.​

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy loses eye after kicked during the arrest of a DUI suspect.

The suspect, Yesennia Gonzalez is facing multiple charges in connection to the incident.