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    Florida model claims boyfriend repeatedly walked into the knife

    Keith Wiggins claims his girfriend Shadae Scott repeatedly stabbed him during a fight that began when his dog ate her stash of marijuana. She claims they were arguing over dinner plans and it became physical when she tried to leave. “During one of the many times during the argument, Wiggins...
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    Utah Woman Hit By Two Trains During Vehicle Pursuit

    A woman was involved in a wreck with two trains on Sunday morning, and police said the 29 year old woman was fleeing police when the accident occurred.
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    So what did America learn from the government shutdown?

    So what did America learn from the government shutdown?
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    Army Ranger believed to be unconscious salutes during Purple Heart ceremony

    Josh Hargis, of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, who was severely injured in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan has become an inspiration to the nation after a photograph of him saluting from his hospital bed went viral.
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    Looking for some recommendations

    I'm not a big fan of Blackhawk holsters, I prefer Safariland.
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    Astronaut Scott Carpenter, second American to orbit the Earth, dies at 88

    RIP Mr. Carpenter. You will always be a true amercian hero.
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    Sprite the best hangover cure

    Scientists determined that Sprite was one of the drinks that best relieved hangover symptoms.
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    Another Kardashian example of how money can't buy class

    Man I hate this family.
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    Oregon State Police Video Captures Fatal Freeway Shooting

    An Oregon State Police cruiser's dash cam recorded a gun battle after a traffic stop last August. John Van Allen II, 34, the motorist who was stopped, was killed. The officer suffered a gunshot wound. He was treated for his injury at a hospital in The Dalles and released...
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    Hi guys

    Welcome to the PS community, good luck in your endeavors.
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    What to do if I am interested in a career in Law Enforcement?

    If your local PD offers an explorer program you should join it. You will get a good feeling about police work, some experience around officers and get you some training. While in school you should get good grades, stay away from drugs and alcohol. Make sure you stay physically fit.
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    Justin Bieber has bodyguards carry him up to the Great Wall of China

    He has taken his arrogant behaviour to new heights.
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    Creepiest facial composite

    Police in England are searching for a man with a long blond rocker hairdo who was allegedly behind a sex attack. Police believe the hair is real.
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    Man Runs 58,282 Miles for Fallen Vietnam Veterans

    Mike Bowen, 65, a veteran himself will run his 58,282nd and final mile this Friday in honor of the Vietnam veterans who didn’t come home.
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    Airwoman tasered

    Footage showing an airwoman gets tasered in training is in so much pain she grabs her colleague's crotch.
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    Road Rage

    Enraged drivers shoot, kill each other |
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    Creepy clown terrifies town

    'He doesn't juggle. He doesn't twist balloons into animal shapes. He just stares'. Creepy Clown Scares Residents of Northampton - YouTube
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    Good boy!

    Buy that dog a steak!
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    Man beaten over wrong cup of coffee

    A man gets the wrong coffee so he beats the employee in the head with his loaded gun.