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  1. IshieVonDyson

    Man Turns Himself In For Murdering Imaginary Friend

    Wow. I’m not sure whether to laugh or shake my head, so I guess I’ll do both! He will most definitely feel like a complete fool, considering he may have been able to stay under the radar if he just hadn’t gotten high and gone so far off the rails. Ah well, maybe in the end he’s ended up...
  2. IshieVonDyson

    Should It Be Considered An Offense?

    I’m honestly surprised people in the USA don’t get fined for it. It takes precious time away from police officers who might be needed elsewhere. I don’t think I’m for arresting them either, unless they’re repeat offenders, but warnings and fines, yes.
  3. IshieVonDyson

    Brawl on the Beach (Mother's Day at Revere Beach, MA)

    Alcohol bans don’t stop certain people, that’s for sure. Drinking is prohibited at most beaches here, but I’ve seen it plenty of times and done it myself. Not that my friends and I ever acted like that. We were more mellow and I think we knew there’d be consequences if we did act out. I...
  4. IshieVonDyson

    If you could cure a disease/ailment, what would it be?

    Agreed. And for some, the whole “just get over it†treatment can discourage them from seeking help because they’ve been made to feel ashamed for thinking they might need assistance. When, more often than not, they actually do need help of some sort. It can be such a vicious cycle.
  5. IshieVonDyson

    Brawl on the Beach (Mother's Day at Revere Beach, MA)

    Wow, that’s just awful. Seems like people are just so easily triggered these days. Throw alcohol into the mix and it’s a recipe for a disaster like this. Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.
  6. IshieVonDyson

    What Would Make a Criminal Want To Go Back To Jail?

    I was thinking along the same lines - you’ve got shelter, a place to sleep, and food without having to work for it. And apparently in certain prisons, you can have steak dinners.
  7. IshieVonDyson

    How frustrated do you get?

    Littering, that’s another pet peeve of mine as well. I’m not particularly confrontational either but I’ve given people my share of dirty looks for that over the years. Most of the time it isn’t that difficult to find a trash can, or wait until there’s one available. It’s especially...
  8. IshieVonDyson

    Robber Returns To Crime Scene To Complain About Fake Gold Chain He Stole

    Wow, bringing a new meaning to “You get what you pay for,†huh? Some people and their utter lack of sense. I got a good laugh out of this story!
  9. IshieVonDyson

    I LOVE the dumbest criminals stories

    Bahaha, he might have wanted to think about that before he started spraying indiscriminately, huh? Nice pun in the title too, I see what Fox News did there. I needed that laugh!
  10. IshieVonDyson

    Are police shows like "Cops" authentic?

    I would think some aspects are embellished and others downplayed. These shows are meant for entertainment so by their very nature, they won’t be 100% authentic. Does make me wonder if there are people out there who may have wanted to join the police force because of shows like ‘Cops’ and...
  11. IshieVonDyson

    How frustrated do you get?

    I was once told that if I ever found myself in that situation (not that I would, I drink seldom and I never drive when I’ve had even one drink), or if I got pulled over for speeding, that I SHOULD resort to those tactics because I could totally get away with it. I probably made some...
  12. IshieVonDyson

    Hammer Time?

    If that’s the case he ended up being high in more than one way, huh? Sorry, I had to do it. Days later I’m still kinda chuckling at this story, I gotta admit. No matter how I might feel at any given moment… at least I’m not that guy!
  13. IshieVonDyson

    How frustrated do you get?

    So much agreement with texting and driving. Some of my friends used to do it… but I’m no longer friends with those people for various reasons. So I don’t see it as often as I used to, but it’s still so dangerous. I don’t think some people realize how many lives they put in danger when...
  14. IshieVonDyson

    Anonymous tip lines

    Our program pays cash rewards as far as I know. Most of them are pretty low amounts, but for the bigger crime tip-offs I’d definitely have to trust my bank teller! Or deposit in smaller intervals… almost raises more questions than it answers, now that I think about it.
  15. IshieVonDyson

    Dangers Of Craigslist Meetups and Sales

    I’ve considered using Craigslist to buy/sell, but stories like these always manage to put me off. I do like the idea of police departments allowing transactions in their lobbies as well, hopefully it becomes a more widespread practice. I would still be more likely to use a dealer to sell my...
  16. IshieVonDyson

    Woman Attacks Twin Sister Over Sex Toy

    ^ Ew, yeah, that’s pretty much the only reason I could see for that to turn into a knock-down drag-out fight. I hope that’s not the case, but it does makes sense. Even then, they each should have just gotten their own instead of resorting to assault.
  17. IshieVonDyson

    What do you do if you find something illegal online?

    I have a friend who works for a certain VPN provider. A lot of the time they encounter illegal activity online. In some cases I think they can report it to a non-emergency line. In others, though, it’s out of their jurisdiction and they can’t do anything, unless a government agency requests...
  18. IshieVonDyson

    Mother reports 9-year-old missing, police say he was arrested

    Wow, badly-handled all around, it looks like. No doubt the kid should have been punished, but it’s mind-boggling the police didn’t bother contacting the mother. I’d have thought that would be protocol? And because of that, the kid lost out on what could have been a major life lesson.
  19. IshieVonDyson

    Woman Accused Of Having Sex With 12-Year-Old Boy

    Whenever I read or hear stories like these, I think there must be some serious control issues factoring in. That’s about the only reason I can think that these things happen. So not just disgusting, but profoundly sad as well. I hope the boy has been receiving counseling, no child deserves to...
  20. IshieVonDyson

    What do you think is a healthy snack with coffee?

    More of a tea drinker myself, but I snack on some of the same things when I have the occasional coffee as when I drink tea. Whole grain toast with peanut butter and honey, homemade trail mix, an apple and banana, things like that.