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  1. BadManRules

    Miami Police VLOG: Armed Robbery Suspect Identified

    As usual another great video. Miami Police Department looks cool as hell.
  2. BadManRules

    Prostitute Pulls Crack From Rear End

    I gonna be honest I came here to see if she was physically attractive.....
  3. BadManRules

    Man assaults teen at grocery store

    That POS needs to get his ass beaten.
  4. BadManRules

    Patriotic Pushback Over Flag

    We really have to stop pandering to these meatheads.
  5. BadManRules

    Two Juveniles Arrested In Facebook Live Gang Rape

    This is what happens when you don't teach your children about respect. The lack of self discipline kids have these days is unbelievable.
  6. BadManRules

    YouTube Video Leads To Drugs And Weapons Raid

    Normal black mentality, not surprised.
  7. BadManRules

    15 injured, one killed in Cincinnati nightclub shooting

    Ghetto dogs....don't seem to give a freaking shit.
  8. BadManRules

    Man pleads guilty to killing four kids and attacking their mom

    There is a special place in hell for people who kill kids, especially their own. I hope he hears their screams every time he shuts his eyes.
  9. BadManRules

    Couple Arrested For Child Abuse

    Pure evil, just pure evil.
  10. BadManRules

    Teen Nearly Hits Officer With Her Car

    Best mugshot ever!
  11. BadManRules

    Questions surround why man fatally shot ran from police

    Good shooting by the police officer. If the guy had complied, he wouldn't be dead now.
  12. BadManRules

    Baltimore police officer shoots, kills 18-year-old

    It's a damn shame, he had so much to contribute to society. LOL
  13. BadManRules

    Detroit police officer shoots, kills suspect on city's west side

    Living in Detroit is probably more dangerous than Iraq.
  14. BadManRules

    Two men found shot to death in Detroit home

    Life means nothing to these freaking savages.
  15. BadManRules

    The FBI is tracking a spike in bank robberies in the Baltimore region

    I'm guessing it's the same species that dominate the crime stats.
  16. BadManRules

    Capital murder suspects brought back to Miss.

    Kill these crackheads...with a chainsaw.
  17. BadManRules

    3 accused in carjacking, police chase arraigned

    Too many fucking animals around. Just kill them.
  18. BadManRules

    Police release surveillance photos of suspects

    Some people will always be a burden to normal society.
  19. BadManRules

    Woman accused of stabbing elderly mother to death

    I agree, there is absolutely no reason for her to continue living.