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  1. Riggy

    Pastor Resigns After Prostitution Arrest

    Stuff like this always makes me laugh. It's people like this that preach against certain things and next thing you know... they're doing that very thing. However, I really disagree with the prostitutes name being mentioned. I don't believe it's fair on her.
  2. Riggy

    Florida Woman Attacks Boyfriend Over Blanket

    Man.. must have been one cold night! Survival of the fittest at it's finest here. Only joking. That's some seriously messed up s**t. My guess is she has been abusing him for a while now. It's a sad thing to see and hear about. I hope she gets locked up for a long time and he can enjoy his life.
  3. Riggy

    Florida Teen Arrested For Lewd Act With Stuffed Animal

    I hate it to break it to you, but stuffed animals don't have feelings or have a concious.
  4. Riggy

    Fellow officer breaks the law to help someone, what do you do?

    I agree... but I also think that even if the police find them silly then they should be changed.
  5. Riggy

    Faster police vehicles?

    Because when someone is desperate enough to get away, they may ram into the officer and take him down or off the motorcycle. Not only that, but seeing as there is nothing really to protect the officer on the bike from harm besides an helmet and possibly a bullet proof vest - what chance does an...
  6. Riggy

    Police Arrest Woman For Using Vibrator On Baby

    I'm going to take a guess and say the baby may not remember it but it'll have the damage done to it's body for it's whole life and will lead to a road of many more problems. The early stages of a babies development will decide it's health in the later stages.
  7. Riggy

    Friends in the academy: Helpful or distraction?

    What I mean is that people in the academy could perhaps "sabotage" your chances of performing at your best as they may desperately want the position. I guess that's really another topics when I think about it...
  8. Riggy

    No more honey boo boo! Mom is dating a sex offender...

    WOW. That is something I honestly did not expect. I really just hope that the attention isn't dedicated to the show not being aired any more or just on the one child. If any focus is put on this, it should be on the children and how they are and what can be done to make them happy. The children...
  9. Riggy

    Friends in the academy: Helpful or distraction?

    Does making friends in the academy help you out in anyway or do you feel as it's "every man for himself" and you need to put away any sorts of distractions so you can purely focus on your end goal?
  10. Riggy

    Do you fear your job?

    Every day you are going out to a new day in which you have no idea as to what you will be greeted with. Does this make you fearful or scared in anyway? If not, why so?
  11. Riggy


    Welcome to the forum, SonicSlayer! I'm sure you'll give great contributions to the forum :) Sometimes even the shortest of comments or questions can be helpful. See you around man!
  12. Riggy

    Florida Teen Arrested For Lewd Act With Stuffed Animal

    Where did you see this information? What were his previous convictions?
  13. Riggy

    Woman Claims Jesus Would Pay Her Tab

    This isn't really something to laugh at. She is clearly deranged and has mental issues. Nobody can possible be this deep into a believe... right?
  14. Riggy

    Woman Doused Boyfriend, Set Him On Fire

    Jesus Christ! Honestly... What goes through people's heads? She may have been intoxicated but that's hardly an excuse for what she did. Also, I'm pretty sure she needs to see someone for her mental state. It's obvious she has something going on in there that simply isn't working right.
  15. Riggy

    How Old Does a Child Need to Be to Stay Home Alone?

    Out of which state are you located? Were these laws in actions when you were growing up?
  16. Riggy

    Improvements to the police academy?

    What sort of things were a chock value to people? The intensity of it or what? I've never been to a police academy so I've no idea!
  17. Riggy

    Worst home conditions you have seen?

    Guys, I'm not talking about your living conditions! The thread was a question dedicated to police officers who had to enter or visit a house! Thank you for your comments though.
  18. Riggy

    Second Officer in one week to be killed in New Jersey

    It's very unfortunate of the lactation he was in at the time. The truck driver must be feeling terrible for the accident. I hope he doesn't get prosecuted as it wasn't his fault. A terrible time for the families of the officer.
  19. Riggy

    Hello!I just signed up

    Welcome to the forum! You sound as if you have plenty of opinions. This is a great place for sharing them and asking others on theirs! Enjoy the forum :)
  20. Riggy

    Faster police vehicles?

    Motorcyles wouldn't be the way to go. They can only catch up in an pursuit with ease but what are you going to do then? The car can easily take out the bike and if they do stop the criminal, where are they going to put him?