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  1. SamClemensMT

    Should we cry for perpetrators who are beaten in custody?

    This is a common practice around the world. Police use these scum bags as punching bags, but is it right? Regardless of the heinous nature of the crime the accused has been arrested for?
  2. SamClemensMT

    What should happen to people who attack our senior citizens?

    It seems as though people are becoming extra vicious these days. What should happen to people who violently assault seniors in the course of robbing them?
  3. SamClemensMT

    What can we do to make 2015 a better year for police and community relations?

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done to make the new year a better one for police community relations? Is the responsibility mainly on the community or the police department. Maybe it's hopeless.
  4. SamClemensMT

    We all break the law. Let's make some resolution for 2015.

    Most cops know that 99.9 % of the population breaks some law. From simple misdemeanors to serious white collar crimes. Let's make some resolutions to correct ourselves. No jaywalking in 2015.
  5. SamClemensMT

    Who designs police uniforms?

    I'm just curious to know where the ideas for contemporary police uniforms are coming from. Does anyone actually ask the police. How about the public, do we have a say in the matter?
  6. SamClemensMT

    Crime in progress. Could you make the arrest?

    If you were out and about and witnessed a crime in progress would you have the balls to intervene? Let's assume that if you don't act something horrible was about to happen, and the only person who could stop it from happening was you. Could you make the citizen's arrest?:cool: Click on this...
  7. SamClemensMT

    You've got a tuff job

    Do you ever find yourself counting down the days to retirement? Or, perhaps daydreaming about that first morning or evening when you won't have to go into work anymore. Is there something you think you'll miss about being a police officer when the time comes?
  8. SamClemensMT

    The death penalty for evil crimes

    I just read a thread about a lady who was burned to death down in Mississippi. It occurs to me that such cases should result in the death penalty. I have a list of what I feel should be automatic capital crimes once convicted. Here it is: setting a human on fire with an accelerant resulting...
  9. SamClemensMT

    Spirituality and crime

    I saw a woman standing outside a supermarket with a sign that read "Y'all Need Jesus". It lead me to wonder about the wild stories we read in the news. Jesus preached a gospel of love and justice, caring for the weak and powerless. This Christmas I'm thinking the same thing as that lady. We...
  10. SamClemensMT

    In addition to the sex talk

    You know at some point we have to talk to our kids about sex. I wonder if we should also take the time to talk to our kids about how to interact with the police. Knowing how to conduct yourself can go a long way in police community relations. Often times it's kid who are being abused by...
  11. SamClemensMT

    Should we work to develop stun guns?

    Would a stun gun, like the ones on Star Trek, be useful to police in dealing with unruly perpetrators? I'm just trying to think of a way to avoid having to kill people in the name of fighting crime.
  12. SamClemensMT

    Feeling vulnerable

    I just would like to know if the average officer feels like a target. I know that soldiers who served in Operation Iraqi Liberation often said that they felt like they could be sniped at, at any moment. I just feel like I would have the same feeling as a law enforcer. Am I wrong?
  13. SamClemensMT

    Madam Officer, may I ask you a question?

    I'm curious to hear from the women in law enforcement. How does being female affect the way you approach the stress of your job, and how does it affect your family life?
  14. SamClemensMT

    Howdy all

    I'm just a law abiding citizen interested in knowing more about the world of a law enforcement. I know it's not easy doing what you guys and ladies do, but you should know that you're appreciated.