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  1. SamClemensMT

    Should we cry for perpetrators who are beaten in custody?

    This is a common practice around the world. Police use these scum bags as punching bags, but is it right? Regardless of the heinous nature of the crime the accused has been arrested for?
  2. SamClemensMT

    Do you you think police rape ladies when arresting them?

    Well I guess this answers that question. There are some bad apples everywhere you look. Let's not go through life in denial. Not everyone with a white hat on his head is a good guy.
  3. SamClemensMT

    Death Penalty

    If there are 100 people on death row in January 2015, how many of them do you suppose are innocent? I bet it's less than one percent. To the innocent we can pray for forgiveness, but the other 99 have got to be out of here.
  4. SamClemensMT

    Do you believe in movie kind of love?

    Okay, I think I can summarize it with a simple question. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? If you can answer this question correctly, you will have the answer to the original question. Is Hollywood love real?
  5. SamClemensMT

    Feeling vulnerable

    I think you just nailed it. The average police officer probably keeps it near the front of their mind that anyone could be a threat to their safety. It's a form of paranoia that can't be helped. Unfortunately, I think that this is a major contributing element in why police can be so brutal...
  6. SamClemensMT

    What should happen to people who attack our senior citizens?

    It seems as though people are becoming extra vicious these days. What should happen to people who violently assault seniors in the course of robbing them?
  7. SamClemensMT

    The death penalty for evil crimes

    Would you feel this way if it involved a friend or family member. I don't know your friends or your family, however I am proud to defend them against such acts of evil by supporting the death penalty as a deterrent. Why are we so willing to stand for the rights of the perpetrators. The...
  8. SamClemensMT

    Death Penalty

    I believe in life in outer space, and the death penalty on Earth for really horrible human beings. I'm not happy to see a person condemned to death for their actions, but if you can't face the penalty you shouldn't commit the crime. Hang'em high, and let it be a lesson to anyone who wants to...
  9. SamClemensMT

    Spirituality and crime

    The key is to always stand for what is right, no matter what. This will remove so much negativity from the world that we wouldn't recognize the place. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
  10. SamClemensMT

    Crime in progress. Could you make the arrest?

    That's a great response. Now that it's clear in your mind you won't have to rehearse it. The person who hesitates is lost.
  11. SamClemensMT

    What can we do to make 2015 a better year for police and community relations?

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done to make the new year a better one for police community relations? Is the responsibility mainly on the community or the police department. Maybe it's hopeless.
  12. SamClemensMT

    We all break the law. Let's make some resolution for 2015.

    Most cops know that 99.9 % of the population breaks some law. From simple misdemeanors to serious white collar crimes. Let's make some resolutions to correct ourselves. No jaywalking in 2015.
  13. SamClemensMT

    Do you believe in movie kind of love?

    To believe in true love you have to have an imagination. Have a pure heart (most people are too jaded). It also helps if you both enjoy good wine.
  14. SamClemensMT

    The death penalty for evil crimes

    I agree with you. Frankly I don't see how this ever happens without some breakdown in the process. Either the judge isn't properly instructing the jury. Or, the prosecution and the police have framed the accused. Or, the most likely, the defense attorney sucks. Otherwise, I don't see how the...
  15. SamClemensMT

    Who designs police uniforms?

    This does happen. Impersonating a police officer is a crime in most places. I think a criminal convicted of disguising himself or herself as a cop should receive a double sentence. In other words twice as long as the sentencing guidelines for the same crime committed while dressed in a scum...
  16. SamClemensMT

    Who designs police uniforms?

    I'm just curious to know where the ideas for contemporary police uniforms are coming from. Does anyone actually ask the police. How about the public, do we have a say in the matter?
  17. SamClemensMT

    Wife tracks Cheating Husband--Bad results

    It's sad when a marriage deteriorates to this. However, there are at least two sides to every story. I would like to hear the husbands explanation before I label him.
  18. SamClemensMT

    Do you believe in movie kind of love?

    True love does exist in reality. Why would you question that? Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? That is the question. Seek and you too shall find.
  19. SamClemensMT

    Crime in progress. Could you make the arrest?

    Law enforcement isn't a joke. When you see a cop, tip your hat to him or her. They have to be ready to take action at any moment. Their's is a profession of running into danger, not knowing if you will be injured or killed. Then nowadays, you have have the public giving you the "baby killer"...
  20. SamClemensMT

    The death penalty for evil crimes

    I do understand the spirit of your response. However, for the sake of people who might be victims of such evil in the future, we owe it to ourselves to discourage such barbarism. I'm not asking you to be the executioner. They'll be plenty of us available for the job.