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  1. Peachdejour

    Where Are The Riots?

    This type of mob violence is not unusual in the cities. People are consistently in the news for being attacked by a group of people for whatever reason. I saw at least three cases of it in the new last week. It isn't being ignored, but it isn't being covered on the national level because this is...
  2. Peachdejour

    Man Turns Himself In For Murdering Imaginary Friend

    I saw this guy's mugshot on Facebook. This makes me feel very sad for him. What is most like is that Mr. Happy was one of his voices that he no longer needed. However, it is hard to part with something that has been a part of you for so long. It can be traumatic.
  3. Peachdejour

    Time for the riots?

    Well, I don't ever think there is a time for a riot. We all have worked so hard to dig ourselves out an economic depression and inner cities are working even harder. Why would we even suggest such an act of violence based on a small bit of information? It's crap like this that gets innocent...
  4. Peachdejour

    If you could cure a disease/ailment, what would it be?

    I would cure Chiari Malformation because I would really rather not have a brain surgery this year! So many rare diseases without cures. We need more scientists!
  5. Peachdejour

    Cops: George Zimmerman shot at in apparent ongoing feud

    I'm fairly sure they cannot jail the victim of the crime even though we tend to like to blame the victim sometimes. His life does seem to be quite the media circus lately. However, I do think a lot of it is media hype and how bad they can make him look. However, domestic violence doesn't look...
  6. Peachdejour

    Should It Be Considered An Offense?

    I've heard of parents calling the non-emergency number and asking if a police officer is available to come talk to a child. Many officers are happy to come talk kids about being safe, stealing etc if its a slow night (especially in the smaller towns). I can see where this can be a large problem...
  7. Peachdejour

    Coca-Cola apologizes for offensive bottle cap message

    Okay. It is really unlikely that they will figure out who actually put the message in the bottle. They are not going to put the investigative money into tracking that bottle back to the correct distributing plant and shift unless the contents are truly harmful. They issued a public apology and...
  8. Peachdejour

    What Would Make a Criminal Want To Go Back To Jail?

    For some people, they don't know how to survive on the outside. It's called being institutionalized. I mean think about it. Your whole like is center around a small comfortable routine for years. You don't have to worry about where to live, how you will eat, or taking care of your family. You...
  9. Peachdejour

    A bat....

    I would have been far too medicated to deal with this at night. My boyfriend might have shot it. We had a black squirrel run into the house when I was little and my grandma chased it with a broom. hehe Funny stuff.
  10. Peachdejour

    Marijuana found in Wal-Mart Easter gifts

    I was about to say Happy Easter? Then, I realized that it was a small child's Easter gift. Looks like mommy got an Easter gift too! The Easter Bunny is dealing in more than chocolate eggs this year.
  11. Peachdejour

    Embryos and Bull Semen Stolen

    It sounds like an episode of Orphan Black. I wonder if there was an illegal human cloning operation going on and a clone was stealing her babies and running away in a blaze of glory.
  12. Peachdejour

    Do you like math?

    I took up through Calculus III in college. I understood it, but had really bad test anxiety. I did great in my statistics class, which is good because that is what I work with now. I don't know that I necessarily like it, but I just understand it easily. I like human sciences and regular...
  13. Peachdejour

    Bones in your yard?

    I might have tinkled a little and grabbed my sage. I don't think there are any more bones in my yard than what my dog has buried, but I would hate to find some human bones knowing that there could be some unfinished business we just dug up. It would also freak out my 8-year-old also. It's...
  14. Peachdejour

    20- life???

    I was a little confused when I saw she killed him with salt. They said the 20 years was leniency for the mental illness she continues to refused to acknowledge. She was making her son sick so she could enjoy the attention. She probably did not mean to kill her son, but she was keeping him sick...
  15. Peachdejour

    12 Yr Old Girl Tried To Murder Her Mother

    I had to think about this and I'm not surprised sadly. I feel badly for the whole family and I hope the kid gets some psychiatric help.
  16. Peachdejour


    This remind me of the other day riding in the car with my eight year old. She goes "Mommy, when I draw cops, I draw them with donuts because I think they really really really like donuts. " Then, she giggles maniacally. I laughed too, but then I wondered where she got that idea?
  17. Peachdejour


    I know people who have dated cops. It's not easy. I know there were issues with PTSD and trust issues to contend with and some couples counseling involved. It's just like being with anyone in a high stress job, you have to be the rock at home.
  18. Peachdejour

    Throwing up in a police car

    I remember the one police car I was in had a plastic seat so they could hose it out if someone puked in the back.
  19. Peachdejour

    Will firing squads make a comeback?

    Okay. So they are really going to use a firing squad or this is a play to cause an uproar over firing squads to push pharmaceutical companies to provide lethal injections and the public to forget about the problems with them. So, we can inject people with drugs that may be problematic, or states...
  20. Peachdejour

    Waze and the Police

    I personally think the idea of people posting police officers in Waze makes the streets safer. The thing is that people often post up that police are in places where they are not just to get the social points and then everyone slows down in that area and drives safer. I think Waze should be...