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  1. januz101

    Are there really quotas to fill for writing tickets each month?

    I believe there is already a thread similar to this and for everyones information the answer is no. That saying would fall under the category of urban legend. You get caught if you commit a violation that's it. Other than that there's really nothing out of the ordinary there. So, if you're...
  2. januz101

    What is the hardest part of your shift/job?

    The hardest part for a police officer is when he is dealing with a civilian who has clearly violated a regulation or a law and you are now about to make an arrest but then he decides to name drop some big ass politician or better yet your chief of police and saying he knows powerful people who...
  3. januz101

    What are some restrictions to your job?

    Well in a police officers point of view there are many restrictions on what you can't do to a civilian. Using excessive force is also a pain in the ass as you have to hold back when you're currently in a scuffle while performing an arrest.
  4. januz101

    The F.B.I. does racial profiling, but do local police?

    I wouldn't think of individual profiling as something racial but instead as a systematic way of identifying and categorizing known felons in their database. Knowing their race, ethnicity, skin color, native language or even the perfumes they wear are all important in criminal investigation so...
  5. januz101

    Overcrowded Prisons

    Just like Dancinglady said, lack of funds means no additional correctional facility will be built. You see buildings and other infrastructure nowadays need to have an approved budget specially if it's government in nature. And the government can't afford to allot tax payers money on these...
  6. januz101

    What is it like when you meet an unethical cop?

    Well there's always a bad apple mixed among the good ones. I think almost everybody here has their own piece of experience to share. There's a good cop and there's a bad cop. Though both of you may serve the same institution and wear the same uniform you can't always weed out the undesirable...
  7. januz101

    Man Charged With 30 Counts Of Sexual Assault

    30 times in just a day? He's got some raging hormones there. And for the love of God, that's definitely a crime whether or not she consented to such sexual acts. The victim is a minor and clearly your on the path of being a pedophile. Good luck on your trial. I'd like to see how on earth will he...
  8. januz101

    Is it *FUN*?

    Other than being stressful and fun sometimes, police work is challenging and at the same time fulfilling. You get assigned to many different places and you get to play good cop bad cop sometimes.
  9. januz101

    Do you think men and women get treated differently in the law?

    I think women are treated more favorably by the law. They are more protected and most laws are inclined to their benefit. The law may seem a bit unfair to men because women nowadays are also capable of violence towards us men.
  10. januz101

    Cell Phones

    Police officers only get Standard issue handheld radios. That's just as far as the government is willing to give them. Other than that only special government agencies like FBI and Homeland have special treatments. It's a bit unfair but it varies from their special functions.
  11. januz101

    Lunch breaks

    I don't know man. Since all of us have different forms of diet and we can never be to sure. But Im pretty positive that they are not just consist of doughnuts and coffee.*
  12. januz101

    Presence in hospital

    Who knows? Maybe a high profile convict got injured for some reason and they are guarding and securing the place. Either way we can never really know what is the commotion is all about. Cops have their own discression and we are in no place to ask questions fron them.
  13. januz101

    Who manetanes the vehicles?

    A vehicle is a drivers responsibility. Basic maintenance should be done in order to ensure its safety and performance. If a specific problems may arise due to engine failure then it is beyond the drivers capacity to solve it. As such expert mechanics should be called and required maintenance...
  14. januz101

    Charity Work

    I think charitable acts should not be limited to only once a year affair. It should be done on a regular basis and that cops should extend their helping hand whenever needed. Not just as a public servant but also as a human helping their own as well. If you have the means to do so then you...
  15. januz101

    Security breaches: thousands of hacked security cameras are leaked online

    This is amazing and at the same time very alarming. Such very sensitive information can be viewed online without any restrictions and it's unfiltered. This videos can be used for crime if exploited. The site should be reported and subject for suspension.
  16. januz101

    Do you remember your dreams?

    I guess no one in here really remember what their dreams are the morning after they wake up. I don't really recall in full details what my dream was, specially nightmares. Science has an explanation for this unfortunately I can't give you an answer because I'm not a person with these knowledge.
  17. januz101

    What helps you sleep at night?

    There are times when I can't sleep at night. What I do is I make myself a hot glass of milk and light some scented candles afterwards. Or if I'm really stressed out from work I go to a massage salon since they are open until midnight. Perfect for working people who get out from work late and...
  18. januz101

    Your Favorite Exercise

    My favorite exercise would be doing pull ups. Its convenient and can be done anywhere as long as there is a bar high enough for you to be able to perform. It may not necessarily be a bar, even the back of a steel stair case can be utilized. Just use your imagination. It's the total upper body...
  19. januz101

    What do you think of guys who hit on other people's girls?

    I think that guy is just asking for a beat down. He's unmindful of his surroundings and doesn't know what observation is. They think they own the place and can just do whatever the hell they want. I want to see him try, if he wants a broken jaw that is. Us men need to stand our ground and...
  20. januz101

    Are you scared of police officers of your region?

    Police officers in our state our not that scary. Maybe too bad guys they are since either you get arrested for doing something bad or you get shot at for being a threat. Anyway they keep law and order in the place and I respect them for that. They help and respect citizens too so I consider them...