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  1. Siropu

    Man killed in officer-involved shooting identified by coroner

    So, no big loss for humanity....right?
  2. Siropu

    Father arrested and could be facing charges for son's death

    Throw him in jail where he freaking belongs.
  3. Siropu

    4 injured, 1 dead in separate weekend violence

    Baltimore needs all the scum removed permanently.
  4. Siropu

    Shooting cops a 'hate crime'?

    Obama created this mess.
  5. Siropu

    Capital murder suspects brought back to Miss.

    There needs to be swift and firm punishment given out to these fucking losers.
  6. Siropu

    Driver dies in crash trying to get away from police

    Zero fucking sympathy from me.
  7. Siropu

    Police shoot, kill man with gun

    That's how you get rid of unproductive people from society. And now he won't ever be a problem for the police ever again.
  8. Siropu

    Family of elderly woman outraged after carjacker gets probation

    Man, that is one ugly looking dude.
  9. Siropu

    Police release surveillance photos of suspects

    Hope they find them and put them in jail forever.
  10. Siropu

    What’s causing the violence in Chicago?

    They've turned that city in to a fucking war zone. And they wonder why no one wants them around....We're becoming a third world nation.
  11. Siropu

    Naked woman behind deputy’s truck, leads officials on chase

    Ok, but where's the uncensored version?
  12. Siropu

    Girl kills bus driver for no reason

    Makes you wonder why people do what they do?
  13. Siropu

    Dylann Roof tells jury - there is nothing wrong with me

    Give it a few months...this monster will die in prison.
  14. Siropu

    Facebook attackers charged with hate crime

    If four white kids had done this to a black kid, riots would be happening and cities burning.
  15. Siropu

    Uncle in custody in fatal shooting of niece

    This is unbelievable, deeply shameful.
  16. Siropu

    Repeat felon arrested in shooting of Washington officer

    I would of pulled out my gun and shoot to kill, be doing the world a favor.
  17. Siropu

    Suspects arrested after armed robbery, crash

    One more reason to pack heat.
  18. Siropu

    12 dead after bloody Christmas in Chicago

    Animals, animals and more fu**ing animals!
  19. Siropu

    Nightclub shooting in Istanbul

    These people are fucking animals, plain and simple.