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  1. ArtGlauson

    Corporal Stephen J. Ballard

    Very sad. RIP Officer Ballard. Sending prayers to the family members.
  2. ArtGlauson

    Sergeant Meggan Lee Callahan

    God rest her soul. May she always be remembered. Prayers for the family.
  3. ArtGlauson

    Officer Jason Gregory Harris

    My condolences to the family, both blood and blue.
  4. ArtGlauson

    Police desperately try to find two violent suspects

    They should be executed.
  5. ArtGlauson

    Baltimore police officer shoots, kills 18-year-old

    Oh oh, BLM won't be happy.
  6. ArtGlauson

    Detroit police officer shoots, kills suspect on city's west side

    Fucking shit-hole of a place to be.
  7. ArtGlauson

    Capital murder suspects brought back to Miss.

    Everything about prison is too good for these two turds. They deserve the absolute worst punishment.
  8. ArtGlauson

    Deputy Chief James G. Molloy

    Rest in Eternal Peace, Chief Molloy.
  9. ArtGlauson

    LMPD calling on parents to help stop youth violence

    It's sickening how gang activity is so far out of control.
  10. ArtGlauson

    Father arrested and could be facing charges for son's death

    This guy's going to prison for a long, long time.
  11. ArtGlauson

    Uncle in custody in fatal shooting of niece

    Despicable...sorry excuse for a human being.
  12. ArtGlauson

    Thousands Of Anti-Trump Supporters Gather At LAX

    Why do this imbeciles think that vetting is wrong or unconventional for US national immigration?
  13. ArtGlauson

    Girl's suicide video sparks outrage online

    It is depressing to watch the news. I hope they take the video down. RIP...
  14. ArtGlauson

    Police seek teen in ex-girlfriend's death

    Sad. Dumb kid threw his life away and he ruined an entire family over his unchecked emotions.
  15. ArtGlauson

    Markeith Loyd Profanity-Laced Court Video

    Whose raising these savages?
  16. ArtGlauson

    Sentencing day for father who killed 4 month old son

    This dude is wired wrong, hopefully he dies in prison.
  17. ArtGlauson

    Fallen Heroes 2016

    To all those heroes who lost their lives. Thank you, and I salute you.
  18. ArtGlauson

    Two kids found with meth in their system, parents arrested

    Absolutely disgraceful, disgusting! Praying for those kids.
  19. ArtGlauson

    Detective Steven McDonald

    Thank you for your service. We will never forget you, may God watch over your family.
  20. ArtGlauson

    Girl kills bus driver for no reason

    Woman with balls