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  1. Trump Won Because 'Racism'? NO, YOU IDIOT!! | Louder With Crowder

    Trump Won Because 'Racism'? NO, YOU IDIOT!! | Louder With Crowder

    Going absolutely nuclear on The Young Turks and every #SJW leftist asshat simply boiling Trump's historic victory down to "racism" and "sexism". Allow me to ...
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  3. bluekknd2

    Protesters line the streets of New York to Protest Trump Win

    How can we be happy with a president that from day one is causing protests. I know that the election was fair but there had to be someone who is better qualified to meet the needs of everyone without causing such anger between people.
  4. bluekknd2

    Woman Steals Foul Ball From Little Girl

    That smug look! You can tell that woman hasn't been told "no" in her entire life. She gets what she wants because her husband a Diamond Marriott member and the #1 Kirby salesman in the SW USA. That smug sense of undeserved entitlement... she should be a cop!
  5. bluekknd2

    Escaped Python Kills 2 Boys

    Such a terrible way to go. Maybe there should be some common sense to not keep a 15ft snake. This is a terrible lesson to learn. I hate to blame the victim, but get a snake like that after the kids are in college or something. This is heartbreaking.
  6. bluekknd2

    Would you eat insects?

    You gotta live as the Romans, when in Rome. Am I out hunting in my backyard? Nope. But if I was experiencing a new culture, why not? It won't kill me, I hope!
  7. bluekknd2

    Esquire deems Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive

    Well... they ain't lying! I really loved her in Captain America 2. She is beautiful, when you get to that level of beauty any argument is just opinion.
  8. bluekknd2

    No more honey boo boo! Mom is dating a sex offender...

    Well, he paid his debt. Would I let him around my children? NO. But this is America, people do things a lot of people don't agree with.
  9. bluekknd2

    Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?

    If I ever need a thrill that bad, I will tell my wife her sister is prettier than her. On second thought, jumping out of a plane might be safer!
  10. bluekknd2

    If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?

    Taylor Swift. We could have a nice meal maybe a couple cocktails. I suggest dancing... Boom! 3 kids and a mortgage. George Washington, I have always wondered what he sounded like.
  11. bluekknd2

    Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?

    Of course, I know every word. My grandfather taught me even before they taught me in school. I was pretty cool that day in 1st grade. I have never forgotten a single word, you have to go to a sporting event and sing it with all those people. The pride for our great country always swells in me.
  12. bluekknd2

    Wife hires hitman to kill husband

    This is Premeditated Murder. This is the biggest mistake of her life. She will not be free for a very long time. A counseling session has to be better than prison. Some people throw their lives away so easily.
  13. bluekknd2

    Faster police vehicles?

    I think you bring up a valid point. How do we handle motorcycle riders? The likelihood of a fatal accident is much higher if we pursue. You just have to use your judgement, we don't need faster cars, we have radios and lots of brothers (or sisters) to help.
  14. bluekknd2

    Drug use

    I know it seems dishonest, but most departments deal with the drug use questions with a wink and a nod. Smoking a joint doesn't make you a murderer, but think about your choices. If you really want to be an officer, think about stopping the illicit drug use. Good Luck!
  15. bluekknd2

    Transgender Woman Killed by US Marine

    As a trans Man I am always very careful who I go home with. It sucks that you can't truly feel like you are accepted for what you are, but being safe is better than being drowned in a toilet. I am not trying to blame the victim, I am just warning people to be careful! Not everyone agrees with...
  16. bluekknd2

    What's your workout?

    3 days a week lifting heavy weights Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Chest and Tris, Legs, back and biceps. I do core exercises everyday and Run on Tuesday and Thursday. I take the weekends OFF!
  17. bluekknd2

    Do you you think police rape ladies when arresting them?

    No, I do not think police rape women. They are evaluated physically and mentally on a regular basis. It takes a real bad person to abuse power for sex.