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  1. btatro

    Crime Stoppers increasing reward in Ally Brueger murder investigation

    I pray local law enforcement and the FBI spare no effort to capture him.
  2. btatro

    Man pleads guilty to killing four kids and attacking their mom

    We really need to bring back public hangings.
  3. btatro

    Shooting Leaves 2 Women Dead, Toddler Wounded

    This makes me so sick to my stomach.
  4. btatro

    Intense stand-off between a man with a rifle and police

    Great shooting by the cop!
  5. btatro

    Police release surveillance photos of suspects

    Hopefully law enforcement will catch these two before they kill anyone else, and they should be shot on sight.
  6. btatro

    Tarrant County Sheriff Wants To Help ICE

    Dumbest shit I ever heard!
  7. btatro

    Sentencing day for father who killed 4 month old son

    This shit is so sad, life is so precious.
  8. btatro

    Muslim Ban at JFK Airport

    Great news, save America. Europe is already doomed!
  9. btatro

    Girl kills bus driver for no reason

    This girl is so bat shit crazy, she will break your dick off and make you suck it.
  10. btatro

    Two kids found with meth in their system, parents arrested

    My heart goes out to the children. I pray they find a new home to leave in and be able to have a good life and be loved.
  11. btatro

    Jury sentences Dylann Roof to death

    Get the injection is time to take out the trash.
  12. btatro

    Uncle in custody in fatal shooting of niece

    He will now spend the rest of his life in a cage where he belongs.
  13. btatro

    Large Brawl At Mall Causes Pandemonium

    It is a real shame the people don't know how to control themselves.
  14. btatro

    Two men charged in deadly gas station shooting

    Another day, another story of savages committing murder.
  15. btatro

    The anti-police painting is a disgrace

    That is horrible. Without law enforcement there is only anarchy.
  16. btatro

    Teen apologizes to lemonade stand owner

    You must be some special kind of monster to steal from a child.
  17. btatro

    Corrections Officer Lisa Mauldin

    Much sympathy for the officer's family and friends.
  18. btatro

    Police release new photo of Istanbul gunman

    Still think it's a smart idea to bring in refugees from places that believe this sort of stuff is their calling?
  19. btatro


    We need more videos like this.