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  1. bala

    What do you do if you find something illegal online?

    Of course i will first take proofs of it,file up a document of sorts and approach the cyber crime/cops or whoever is pertinent to that crime.I sure wil lreport it,but i will ask my identity to be kept anonymous.I really don't like being publicized..u see :p
  2. bala

    Domestic disturbance calls

    The first time they might just let you go but if you are a repeated offender they surely will get a hold of you and fine you.Don't take this as a test,because some cops are real hard even if you are a first time offender.
  3. bala

    Dangers Of Craigslist Meetups and Sales

    Fair.Accepted. Maybe they are just projecting it in the bad light,who knows,or maybe just that one story put up a blemish. Just fyi,even today there was an incident when a guy who wanted to sell his car on ipod met the buyer,he put up pepper spray and ran off with it it seems.
  4. bala

    What Would Make a Criminal Want To Go Back To Jail?

    haha..Sounds true and it just can be told free resource suckers..right :p but chill,it all boils down to the same point,freebies.
  5. bala

    Child Safety and Abductions

    You are on the verge of being a perfect parent.You have got all the requisites and you understand the child's thought ,the ones that are alike or varying. Are u married ..or wat ? I am not but i knew it by the way my mom used to explain me all this.
  6. bala

    Hello From WA

    Wow.I was just looking across at new guy's intro threads and chanced to happen on this. Good that you are actually getting more involved and have been quite active since you joined.We want to thank you for being active.We know you will oly keep adding mroe value to the forum.Keep going.:)
  7. bala

    Neighbor From Hell

    Tough and really hard,are they drug addicts as well ? Mostly the issue gets sorted when cops peep in,this ain't an everything normal now or are you still being pestered.
  8. bala

    Dangers Of Craigslist Meetups and Sales

    Respect your opinion,but there are many a cases of scams and murders that hog the limelight. Maybe its all based on the geographic location as well.Have you never had a bad experience at all ,if so,quite interesting and you can actually tell how you filter deals from your side,maybe,would help a...
  9. bala

    What Would Make a Criminal Want To Go Back To Jail?

    More like adhering just to that state of living.I understand though :p They might have what we call 'followers" right :p who just might be backing them up even for the wrong reasons.Maybe its just the part of them getting acclimatized and loving that place.
  10. bala

    Keeping yourself safe in your home

    Exactly because having something unneccesary at the wrong time calls for unwanted attention. it might just make u use it,without a reason.
  11. bala

    What Would Make a Criminal Want To Go Back To Jail?

    We never generalized buddy. We were just discussing possibilities.We clearly stated,it necessarily ain't be on the huge clan too.:)
  12. bala

    shooting of police officers, this one in Mississippi.

    That is sick,to say the least..Cheering ?? Heartless arses :/ By first thought it does look related,but i am sure it is much beyond that.I can't seem to find exact relation though.
  13. bala

    Keeping yourself safe in your home

    Stun guns will do,but they call for unwanted attention during a trail,sometimes.I mean not always though. Do you think pepper sprays are a better alternative,women especially can use it and it is legal all across.
  14. bala

    If you could cure a disease/ailment, what would it be?

    Smarty pants :p :p but you are not taking into account the pain people endure for the lesser % diseases right ?.I mean that is way too painful and eats up your life as such.Either way.Good choice.:)
  15. bala

    What Would Make a Criminal Want To Go Back To Jail?

    Food security and no need to work.Everything a top notch business man slogs for.I mean these prisoners though get it in the negative shade,but who cares,they still get it nah.i believe that is the prime reason.
  16. bala

    Hello from a correctional officers wife!

    Haha,lets pester her now,been a while since we even head of "stories". Good idea from you.Thanks bud :D
  17. bala

    shooting of police officers, this one in Mississippi.

    Ahh,you just got it all in a nutshell.We should widen up our search for an answer to the statistics over last couple of years and of late too.A quick and small ration can help suggest this better.
  18. bala

    How frustrated do you get?

    I just threw my phone down,a couple of hrs back.Thank goodness it was gorilla glass.It was because a fella in office had sent across a report from my ID,wrongly,with every other data wrong to the managing director. I knew i over reacted,by throwing my phone in frustration,but that was the only...
  19. bala

    Keeping yourself safe in your home

    Learn some martial arts,hoping that should suffice. Should you require any more security,post up a trained guard,who has some weaponry as well.beyond that,you might not need ..:P
  20. bala

    Brawl on the Beach (Mother's Day at Revere Beach, MA)

    Seems like these days everybody is getting more violent and less tolerant, they start a fight, if somebody just looks at them.In here the melee was apparently sparked by a group of young people drinking and perhaps smoking marijuana,which in turn becomes the root cause. Perphaps they should all...