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  1. BlackLivesMatter

    Seattle Teachers In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

    OK all u angry white ppl. Let's hear 3..2..1. But let me ask this question, why do white ppl despise the Black Lives Matters movement?........Truth to POWER and INJUSTICE!
  2. BlackLivesMatter

    MPD Chief Offers Sincere Apology

    He should be held accountable and should be fired. He's a complete moron and a POS!
  3. BlackLivesMatter

    U.S. Sailor Who Refused To Stand For Anthem Under Investigation

    I applaud here stance, who cares what the Navy does. She is more of a hero then the others who kill innocent people in their so called war
  4. BlackLivesMatter

    Sheriff Clarke Brings Down The House At Trump Rally

    This sheriff ass clown is getting to be totally embarrassing for black americans. He is a danger to our black community with his white LIES matter movement!!
  5. BlackLivesMatter

    US Policing Leader Apologizes for Racial Abuse

    What a pathetic apology. Sounds like someone is plagued by white guilt. Don't bring back the lives that were lost......I've got a great idea, abolish the police.
  6. BlackLivesMatter

    Video: BlackLivesmatter protest Portland Oregon #1

    So proud! continue the good work of the movment and don't get discouraged
  7. BlackLivesMatter

    Minnesota Mans Arrest After Walking in Street Sparks Concern From Rights Groups

    Re: Article: Minnesota Mans Arrest After Walking in Street Sparks Concern From Rights I call for that police officer to resign..resign...resign! He is so racist! Give me the strength to not kill these crackers!!