hit and run

  1. Anthony

    Cop Charged In Fatal Hit And Run

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Phillip Barker, 24, has been charged with hitting and killing a person with his patrol car. According to authorities the incident happened around 3 a.m., Saturday morning. They said on-duty Officer Barker was allegedly driving around 100 mph in a 30 mph...
  2. Anthony

    Person leaves UConn hat the scene of a hit and run in East Haven

    The driver of the evading vehicle in a hit and run accident in East Haven on Saturday left a unique hat at the scene, police say.
  3. Anthony

    Father Of Young Woman Killed In Times Square Speaks Out

    The distraught dad remains in the Tri-State Area as his surviving daughter continues to recover.
  4. Anthony

    Hit and run leaves new father dead

  5. Anthony

    State Police end search for driver connected to fatal hit and run

    Maryland State Police have suspend search for driver connected to I-695 fatal hit and run crash Sunday the suspect turned herself into troopers Sunday afternoon.
  6. Anthony

    Police looking for driver who hit and killed a 60 year-old Veteran

    Milwaukee Police are looking for a driver who is accused of hitting a 60 year-old Veteran in the area of Hampton and Hopkins overnight.
  7. Anthony

    Newark Police searching for vehicle in fatal hit-skip crash

    Police say they are searching for a full-size pickup truck or a large SUV.
  8. Anthony

    Cleveland officer dies after being hit by vehicle

    A Cleveland police officer died Tuesday morning after he was struck by a vehicle while directing traffic on Interstate 90. The officer was redirecting traffic off the highway because of a previous crash when he was hit, authorities said. Authorities said the police officer died after being...
  9. Anthony

    Man accused of hitting state trooper appears in court

    A man accused of hitting a New Hampshire state trooper on the side of the Everett Turnpike early Sunday morning turned himself in Wednesday.
  10. TheScorpion

    Hit and Run

    Yesterday I was in a parking lot, when I was backing out of the parking spot I bumped into a delivery truck. I didn't see any damage to the truck, I was scared so I took off. I couldn't take the guilt so I went back an hour later but the truck was gone. If I go to the police station to report...