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  1. Anthony

    Injured Marine pushes forward to become a police officer

    Chris Lawrence lost part of his right leg in an explosion in Iraq but was determined to learn to walk, run and even box again to achieve a new dream of becoming a police officer.
  2. Anthony

    North Miami Police Chief Fired Over Kinsey Shooting To Sue City

  3. Anthony

    Congratulations to the Newark Delaware Police Department

    The Newark Delaware Police Department is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Lawmakers and representatives from across Delaware are recognizing the Newark Delaware Police Department for 150 years of dedicated service.
  4. Anthony

    San Jose Police Recruiting Upswing Ends Staffing Crisis

    City leaders are calling it a rebirth of the San Jose police force.
  5. Anthony

    Amid Criticism, Department Slowly Becoming More Diverse

    As the Sacramento Police Department celebrates some new graduates, numbers are showing that the force is becoming more representative of the community it protects.
  6. Anthony

    Police Department Officer Swearing In Ceremony

    At the June 15, 2017 Village of Riverside Board of Trustees Regular Meeting, Village Clerk Cathy Haley swore in three new command staff members and one new Patrol Officer for the Village of Riverside's Police Department.
  7. Anthony

    Jeronimo Yanez Fired By St. Anthony Police

    The officer who killed Philando Castile was fired from his job just moments after being acquitted.
  8. Anthony

    How to become a Police Officer

    I'm going to explain in a brief video of how to become a police officer in the state of Texas.
  9. Anthony

    Police officer shortage

  10. Anthony

    Change in uniform: Pro baseball player turns Sacramento police officer

    After being drafted by the Seattle Mariner's and becoming the organization's top prospect, Vinnie Catricala needed a change in attire and looked to joining a new type of team at the Sacramento Police Department.
  11. Anthony

    Police And Fire Jobs In Jeopardy In MKE Budget

  12. Anthony

    Hiring of Recruit Allegedly Caught Selling Drugs a 'Political Stunt'

    The Providence Fraternal Order of Police does not condone the hiring one of the department's recruits.
  13. Anthony

    Join the Newark Police Department

    The City of Newark, Delaware, a professionally managed, growing university community, is accepting applications from qualified individuals for the position of police officer from April 3 through May 12, 2017. Interested individuals must complete an application, Police Supplement and Affirmative...
  14. S

    Can my family and their troubles keep me from getting a police job?

    I am 21 years old and looking to get into law enforcement. I'm currently working on my bachelors degree. I have never done drugs, and I have really good credit. The thing that makes me nervous is that my father and two brothers are always getting into trouble. It's always something, drugs...
  15. anthonyrusso954

    I got arrested for harassment

    When I was 17, I got arrested for harassment but was never convicted. It was dropped because my exgirfriend decided not to do anything about. Since that happened I've only gotten one speeding ticket and nothing else. Will the harassment be on my record, will that stop me from getting a police job?
  16. U

    When I was 11 years old I kept getting into alot of trouble

    When I was 11 years old I kept getting into alot of trouble. I guess coming from a broken home, I was just trying to get attention. I was put into a youth mental hospital for a month. Since that incident I was a good kid and student. Will this prevent from getting a police job?
  17. C

    taking steps

    Hello everyone, Im 20 Years old and im very interested in making Law enforcement my career, I'm taking steps to my goal by enlisting in the US ARMY. How long should be in there to help my cause of getting a police job?