stupid act

  1. Anthony

    Deputy Caught on His Camera Chasing after His Patrol Vehicle

    Ohio Police Officer Chases After His Run Away Petrol Car. The dash camera caught the entire situation on tape. The Miami County, Ohio deputy found himself running to stop his patrol vehicle after it started to roll away as he talked with a person he pulled over.
  2. Anthony

    No Jail for Students Behind Hate Hoax

    Two former Albany students were sentenced for their role in the CDTA bus assault on Friday. Asha Burwell and Ariel Agudio learned that they were sentenced to three years’ probation and 200 hours of community service for falsely reporting an incident on a CDTA bus. They made claims that they...
  3. Anthony

    Officer placed on leave for public Facebook comments

    Alamogordo Police officer has been placed on leave for public Facebook comments.
  4. Anthony

    Toronto officers appear to mock woman with Down syndrome

    Dashcam footage captured two Toronto police officers talking about a young woman with Down syndrome.
  5. Anthony

    Listen To Man's 911 Call For A Fast Ride To Hooters

    A man called 911 and pretended his grandmother needed help so he could get a fast ride to Hooters, cops claim. Police in Florida say 28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle made the phone call around 2:30 a.m. After canvassing the area for hours, cops say they never found the grandma. According to a police...
  6. Anthony

    Clearwater man used son to steal from Lowe’s, ditched boy at store

    A man used his son to help steal from the Lowe's Home Improvement store at Clearwater Mall Tuesday night, according to police.
  7. Anthony

    Philly Reporter Arrested After Video Shows Tirade Against Officer

    A Philadelphia television reporter has lost her job after a video of her behavior, and arrest, outside of Helium comedy club emerged on social media. Colleen Campbell, 28, was filmed unleashing a vicious, expletive laden tirade and trying to spit on another man after she was kicked out the...
  8. Anthony

    Teen Encouraged Boyfriend to Commit Suicide, Allegedly

    Michelle Carter was 17-years-old when she allegedly sent her 18-year-old boyfriend a series of text messages.
  9. Anthony

    Possible charge after mother let snake bite baby

    A potential child abuse charge has been sent to the State Attorney's Office for a Highlands county mother after she posted a video to Facebook showing her 1-year-old daughter being bitten by a red rat snake.
  10. Anthony

    New generation is fighting for segregation

    Conservative commentator sounds off on 'lunacy' of 60 professors signing letter backing students at Evergreen College who forced professor off campus who did not support 'day without white people' protest #Tucker
  11. Anthony

    Boy gets stuck in prize machine

    A boy was trapped inside a toy claw machine for about 30 minutes in Aberdeen, Harford County fire officials said. It was an unusual call for the Aberdeen Fire Department late Saturday afternoon, dispatched to the Courtyard Marriott at Ripken Stadium for a boy stuck inside a toy claw machine.
  12. Anthony

    Public Education Commissioner under fire after Facebook post

    The post praised Kathy Griffin, telling her to keep up the good work; it also bashed a local casino.
  13. Anthony

    Dumpster diving duo blamed for chaos at SFUAD

    Dumpster diving duo blamed for chaos at SFUAD
  14. Anthony

    Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump photo

    The comedian posted a video apology for a photo of herself holding what appears to be a bloody, decapitated fake head of President Trump.
  15. Anthony

    What was she thinking?

    A Connecticut mom is accused of letting her 10-year-old son drive her vehicle on public roads throughout the town while streaming it on Facebook Live.