12 dead after bloody Christmas in Chicago

Discussion in 'Police Officer News' started by Anthony, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony Super Moderator

    Chicago police said they investigated 27 shooting incidents that left at least 12 people dead and dozens of others wounded.
  2. Contrailla

    Contrailla Active Member

    Trump needs to send in the National Guard and have them clean that city up the first day he becomes president.
  3. conovy

    conovy Well-Known Member

    Just horrible. What the hell is wrong with the people in Chicago?!
  4. Chris.oceguera

    Chris.oceguera Well-Known Member

    Life has no meaning to these people. Thugs will kill for absolutely no reason, just because they have no conscience.
  5. car4cher

    car4cher Well-Known Member

    They just find ways to remain violent thugs. Sadly, this will never change.
  6. calpavb

    calpavb Active Member

    I'm thankful for where I live. It's not really perfect, but damn.
  7. Siropu

    Siropu Well-Known Member

    Animals, animals and more fu**ing animals!
  8. BryanOnAWire

    BryanOnAWire Active Member

    Fucking animals. Life's too short for this kind of shit.
  9. CandraLovell

    CandraLovell Active Member

    How disappointing that this is the America that we live in.
  10. bmurphy389

    bmurphy389 Well-Known Member

    Seriously, what the f*** is wrong with this world?
  11. chasedood

    chasedood Active Member

    I really wish blacks would go out and spend more time cleaning up their awful communities, rather than crying about supposed racism.
  12. BadManRules

    BadManRules Well-Known Member

    Chicago is a shit-hole
  13. cjdatk

    cjdatk Well-Known Member

    Yea the shit is exhausting for sure...

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