Colleges treating stressed out students like children

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anthony, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony Super Moderator

    Universities sponsor activities like mini horse petting to help cope with exams.
  2. ArtGlauson

    ArtGlauson Well-Known Member

    Poor little kids. They have to make safe spaces at all colleges larger now. And they need to go out and buy a lot more coloring books, cookies and hot chocolate.
  3. cc1001

    cc1001 Well-Known Member

    Life is tough kids, it's even tougher when your real stupid.
  4. conovy

    conovy Well-Known Member

    This kids are totally unequipped to handle anything in life.
  5. cjdatk

    cjdatk Well-Known Member

    This is the reason colleges are turning out fucking idiots. College has become a complete waste of money thanks to those dumb-ass professors.
  6. car4cher

    car4cher Well-Known Member

    Colleges are destroying students and important American values.
  7. Chris.oceguera

    Chris.oceguera Well-Known Member

    Go to your safe space pillow biters.
  8. camsdad

    camsdad Well-Known Member

    The freaking liberal professors in college have created monsters.
  9. cranberry87

    cranberry87 Well-Known Member

    You need to get over it snowflakes, this is Trump's America now.
  10. ciorex

    ciorex Active Member

    Fuckin nut jobs, all of 'em..

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