Man Allegedly Killed Stepdad, Posed With Body for Photos Posted Online


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Police in Maryland have arrested a man after he allegedly strangled his stepfather and took several pictures with the victim’s body and then submitted the photos on Twitter.

Around 8 a.m. Saturday police officers responded to a 911 telephone call and found the body of 65-year old Ronald Pinkney in the garage of his house.

Authorities said Navar Beverly, 39, had been identified as the suspect in the murder. They said the 911 caller stated to the operator that her "son had killed my husband."

After the alleged killing, the suspect allegedly posted the images on Twitter of himself lying next to the victim's body. Officials said Beverly sent out several tweets following the pictures, which included "THIS WHAT YALL WANTED."

A witness also told the officers that the suspect allegedly said to them, "I told you I would do it."

Navar Beverly has been charged with first degree murder, and also second degree murder. He has a preliminary hearing set for October 2.