Police Rescue Puppy Found Buried in Snow After Being Beaten


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Raul Cruz, a 43-year-old New York City man was arrested early Friday for allegedly punching a 6-month-old pit bull and beating it with a shovel, then burying it in the snow so deep only its head was visible, police say.

We had to physically dig her out of the snow,†said Sgt. Derek Mercado.

She was crying and she was actually trying to pull herself out as we were digging, he added. As soon as we got enough room for her to get out, she popped right out and ran right up to me.

According to authorities, a veterinarian treated the puppy for skull, leg, rib and back fractures as well as lost teeth.

Cruz was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and torturing, injuring or not feeding an animal.


They should do to that man exactly what he did to that dog. I bet he would never think about doing it again. What a horrible person...


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Wow, some people really are twisted. I would not condone torture to be made on him, because I'm not a sadist, but I do hope he stays in jail and gets a psy in there.

Also, do the policeman get to keep the dog, since the dog liked him so much?