What does it take to be a police officer?

Discussion in 'Ask a Cop' started by owenzw2, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. owenzw2

    owenzw2 Member

    What does it take to be a police officer? I'm thinking about getting into law enforcement, what does a person need to become one.
  2. kwalsh477

    kwalsh477 Well-Known Member

    You need to be physically and psychologically fit. You need to prove your fitness by passing several tests, written, some medical and some physical. You need to have passion for the job.
  3. wulfman

    wulfman Well-Known Member

    do you need a college degree ? i finished high school and am short about 18 credits from graduating college with a bachelors degree.
  4. bala

    bala Well-Known Member

    It depends on the state and the government.A degree in criminal justice would be welcomed.If you want to associate yourself with the FBI a masters degree is essential..Although the process never moves fast,you can place your best bet there.
  5. Profit5500

    Profit5500 Well-Known Member

    I think being in the military police would also help too. I heard from one of the people I know that the military is a great option for getting into the police force.
  6. bbatv

    bbatv Member

    What exactly does psychologically fit mean?
  7. Peninha

    Peninha Well-Known Member

    I imagine that there are standards, if you have some sort of imbalance, lack of common sense, if you are violent, I imagine you can't be a police officer.
  8. Shawn

    Shawn Active Member

    Want to become a law enforcement officer? You can do a few things...

    1. Stay healthy, avoid things that hurts your body like smoking, junk food, drugs, etc.
    2. Workout regularly, you need to be physically fit... Run every day, go cycling, do upper body workouts
    3. Use your head, don't anything or do anything that could haunt you later on in life, watch out for the internet with your opinions as they can easily be taken out of context and used against you
    4. Get educated, not only should you focus on a Bachelor or even a Masters, you should get educated in other public safety such as firefighting, first aid, incident management, FEMA certifications, etc.
    5. Get experienced, join a volunteer police force, become an armed security officer for a high-end company or client, start out in jail or corrections
    7. Network, get to know others in law enforcement. Today, sites like LinkedIn are wonderful for making the right connections in the field you want to get into
    8. Be social, get involved in your community and volunteer, do some charities, join charity-based organizations and be known as a great member of your community
  9. bala

    bala Well-Known Member

    He might have meant the mental toughness.For instance,you shouldn't faint after seeing a corpse dripping with blood,or something like that.I reckon that is what he wanted to state here and i believe that is the primary factor considered in becoming one.

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