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  1. Anthony

    Body Camera Law Takes Effect In January

    The Michigan governor has signed a new law regarding police body cameras. Starting in January, Michigan plans to have rules set up for the disclosure and retention of video or audio footage of body cameras that are being worn by their officers.
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    BCSO addresses lack of body cameras

    BCSO addresses lack of body cameras amid fatal shooting investigation
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    Arlington Police Adding Body Cams

    Police have been testing different kinds of body cameras for more than a year.
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    Trooper jumps in driverless horse and buggy to stop it

    Wooster Police, State Highway Patrol and Wayne County Sheriff's Office respond to call re: driverless horse and buggy. Here is BodyCam video from Wooster Police Department.
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    NYPD Body-Worn Cameras: What You Need To Know

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    Officer Rescues Young Boy Trapped Under Dock

    Florida police officer David Rhoden body camera caught the heroic rescue of the young child, who was found trapped underneath the wooden platform.
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    Bodycam Shows Fatal Police Shootout

    The Kent County prosecutor says Grand Rapids officers were justified in fatal shooting of 18-year-old man during a gun battle earlier this month. Prosecutor Chris Becker released his decision Tuesday, along with dash camera and body camera video showing the May 3 shooting of Malik Carey.
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    Sacramento police unveil new body cameras

    The Sacramento Police Department have chosen a body camera that hundreds of officers will soon wear.
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    Suspect Opening Fire on Maybrook Police

    Maybrook, Orange County, New York ---- Police Bodycam video was released Thursday showing the moments a suspect opened fire on officers responding to a domestic dispute in Orange County. The town's police chief was wounded before the suspect die in the exchange of fire.
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    Howard County Police to test body cameras

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    Another Maryland police department to test body cameras

    Another Maryland police department is looking into the possibility of using body cameras. Howard County police will test two different companies to determine if either are the right fit for the Police Department. Watch the video to see what officials are watching for with this test.
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    Police NJ officers surrounded, assaulted while breaking up fight

    Surrounded and assaulted while attempting to arrest those involved, according to the Paulsboro Police Department. Several arrests were made. However, police said additional arrests were pending through identification from the officers’ body worn cameras.
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    Body-Worn Cameras: What You Need To Know

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    Company offers free body cameras to police

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    Police say body cameras make officers better

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    NYPD Rolls Out Plan For Body Cameras

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    Local police agencies not buying into free bodycam promotion

    Axon, a company that makes body cameras, is offering police department nationwide the chance to outfit officers for free for one year.
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    Approval for Police Using New Body Cameras

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    Approval for Police Using New Body Cameras

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    NYPD Implementing Body Cameras

    CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues reports that the New York Police Department is implementing the country’s largest body-camera program. More than 20,000 officers will wear the cameras once the rollout is complete by 2019 Up to half of the country’s roughly 18,000 law enforcement agencies...