1. J

    Unfair speeding ticket

    The other night I was driving down the highway following another car that was in front of me that was going really fast. I turned off the road and a police officer pulled me over. I said to the cop the other guy was speeding too and he said he knows. But I got the speeding ticket, I think it's...
  2. M

    no car insurance

    I was driving a friends car and was pulled over while having no car insurance. The cop told me if I can get my friends insurance card, the fine would get reduced. My friend told me later that he doesn't have any car insurance. I didn't know that when I used his car, can I get into trouble for...
  3. b.jeap

    I would like to ask some questions to all the police officers

    I'm a sophmore in high school. I'm at the age where I'm thinking about what I want to do with my life. I've been really thinking hard for the last couple of months about becoming a police officer. I would like to ask some questions to all the officers. How did you become a cop? Did you go to...
  4. aykmike39

    Can someone help me with an interview for school?

    Hello, I'm from Philly. I was assigned a project and my topic is about police officers. I need to ask some questions and find out some aspects of the job from a police officer. If anybody can answer some questions that would be terrific. 1. How many years have you been a police officer? 2...
  5. edhman81

    Jail time for impersonating a cop

    I was wondering can a person get sent to jail for impersonating a police officer?
  6. M

    Questions on what to do

    I am in highschool and I wanted to know what path to take to become a cop. What classes should I take when I get to college? Instead of that should I join the military? While I am in highschool what can I do that is law enforcement related?
  7. busched

    I was driving home one night

    I was driving home one night, when a police officer pulled me over. The cop asked me to step out of the vehicle. Once I was out of the car he put handcuffs on me and was told to lay on the grass. I did everything they told me to, never giving him a problem. About 10 minutes later the officer...
  8. J

    What made you decide to become an officer?

    What made you decide to become an officer? Do you ever say to yourself that wish you never became a cop?
  9. W

    Could this disqualify me?

    When I was twelve, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I am now taking medication that controls my condition. I don't think that this condition could interfere with me being a cop. Could this disqualify me from becomimg a police officer?
  10. Z

    What can I do to learn more about what being a police officer

    I'm currently 16 years old and I think I want to do something in law enforcement. I think I like the idea of being a police officer because of all the cop shows I watch. I don't want to commit myself to doing this and then not liking it. What can I do to learn more about what being a police...
  11. V

    Would you want your daughter to marry a police officer?

    I understand that is hard to be a cop and have a normal family life. Would you want your daughter to marry a police officer?
  12. V

    Patrol car for unofficial use

    I have a cop that lives on my street and he brings home his patrol car. I was wondering if a police officer who is off duty is allowed to use their patrol car for unofficial use?
  13. calvinroy96

    I have question regarding my background

    I have question regarding my background. I was in the army for a few years. I did have some problems when I was in there. Mostly they were problems from when I was younger and at home. I did tell the psychiatrist I have thought about killing myself. Long story short, I am in a better place now...
  14. L

    school and being a police officer

    I'm 17 years old, an I'm a senior in highschool. My grades are terrible. I'm not failing my subjects, but I've always passed the class by the skin of my teeth. I kinda of hate school. What I really would like to be is a police officer, do I have to go to college and will my bad grades in...
  15. G

    Got a domestic violence charge

    Hello, I had plans on being a police officer but I have one problem. About eight years ago I did something I totally regret, I got a domestic violence charge. Does this ruin my chance of becoming a cop?
  16. A

    Traffic Stop

    I have an assignment for school and this is one of the questions I need help with. Lets say an a police officer pulls over a vehicle for a brake light that is out. As he is approaching the vehicle, the officer notices it fits the description of a vehicle used in a previous roadside killing of a...
  17. Slightly_Bent_Halo

    Proper angle

    When a police officer pulls someone over, they angle their car to the left which I guess is to protect the officer in case of a shoot out. If that is the reason, does the cop make a stop differently if they have a two man unit to protect the passenger?
  18. C

    violating the driving restrictions

    I'm 16 and I have a New Jersey drivers permit, so for now I'm only allowed to drive with a licensed driver over 21 in the passenger seat. I was driving with my older brother in his car, when a police officer pulled me over because the brake lights didn't work. We both gave the cop our licences...
  19. D

    Interview rules

    Does the cop have to inform a suspect that they're a suspect? Can he lie and just pretend to be on the side of the suspect. Kind of like what you see on t.v good cop, bad cop.
  20. M

    I got a CCDW charge

    When I was younger I got myself a firearm. I had it for about six months, than I got a CCDW charge because it wasn't in my glove box. I know it was my fault. The problem is when a cop pulls me over now they always come back to my car and tell me they want to search me and the vehicle. That...