1. Anthony

    Marine Corps Plane Crashes In Mississippi

    Military officials are currently investigating what caused a Marine plane to crash into a Mississippi field. Authorities have yet to release any details on the cause of the crashed that killed fifteen Marines and a Navy corpsman. "You looked up and you saw the plane twirling around," said...
  2. Anthony

    Police Pursuit Ends In Fiery Crash

  3. Anthony

    Video shows car crashing into gas pump, flipping over

    Shocking surveillance video shows a car slamming into a pump at a gas station, knocking it over and flipping upside down. A 2007 Mercury Milan driven by a 64-year-old man around 4:55 a.m. Monday careened out of control down Putty Hill Avenue in Parkville and crashed into a gas pump at the...
  4. Anthony

    Touching Tribute For Officer Killed In Crash

    A touching tribute for Delray Beach Police Officer Christine Braswell who was killed in Florida Keys crash. A large caravan with law enforcement and first responders took the body of the fellow officer killed in a horrible crash to the funeral home. "She was dedicated to not just her job but...
  5. Anthony

    13 Dead In Head On Crash In Texas

    Church bus collided with pickup truck
  6. Anthony

    Suspects Fled After Truck Crashed Into A Currency Exchange

  7. Passengers Attack Ride-Share Driver, Causing SUV To Hit Vacant Home - YouTube

    Passengers Attack Ride-Share Driver, Causing SUV To Hit Vacant Home - YouTube

    Several passengers pummeled a ride-share driver as he was dropping them off overnight, causing him to crash into a home in the Brainerd neighborhood.
  8. Motorcyclist killed in crash on SR-94 - YouTube

    Motorcyclist killed in crash on SR-94 - YouTube

    A motorcyclist was killed in a crash on SR-94, which led to two other crashes on the roadway.
  9. Anthony

    Train Hits Bus In Mississippi

    Four people are dead and thirty-five people were injured after a charter bus was hit by a freight train in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday. A witness to the crash told officials the bus had been stuck on the railroad crossing for about five minutes when the train hit it. "We're not sure why,"...
  10. Anthony

    Woman accused of crashing into school bus turns herself in

    Latrice Chanel Dixon, 23, drove into the Bryant Elementary School bus on Riverside Parkway at Crestline Drive, police say. The crash happened just 500 feet from another accident where police say Dixon hit another car, injuring two people, and left the scene.
  11. Anthony

    Investigators Probe Chatham Helicopter Crash

    Authorities are looking into what caused a helicopter to crash in a parking lot of an apartment complex in Chatham, New Jersey.
  12. Watch heroin impaired driver slam into state trooper's vehicle - YouTube

    Watch heroin impaired driver slam into state trooper's vehicle - YouTube

    Watch a heroin impaired driver slam into a Louisiana state trooper's vehicle.
  13. Anthony

    Questions surround deadly crash

    Questions are surrounding a deadly crash that involved two Dearborn Heights police officers.
  14. Anthony

    Chattanooga school bus driver arrested

    Chattanooga school bus driver arrested in crash that killed at least 5 children
  15. Onthemark

    Incredible Close Call With Semi Truck

    Jan 19, 2015-South bound I-95 at exit 9 in NJ
  16. Anthony

    Police deliver pizza after driver involved in crash

    Police in Portland, Oregon deliver pizza after the driver involved in crash had injured his neck and back. The driver was transported to a local hospital. The officers told him they would make the delivery for him. "They turn around to leave and I said, 'Hang on, I've got to a get a picture of...