hero cop

  1. Anthony

    Trooper jumps in driverless horse and buggy to stop it

    Wooster Police, State Highway Patrol and Wayne County Sheriff's Office respond to call re: driverless horse and buggy. Here is BodyCam video from Wooster Police Department.
  2. Anthony

    Police Sergeant Adopts Adorable Kitten Found by Officer on Patrol

    One police sergeant took his work home with him and now has a new pet. An officer in Lakeland, Florida found an abandoned kitten under a lamppost and brought her back to the station until animal control could come pick her up. When Sgt. Brian Wallace saw the kitten, he was smitten. He kept her...
  3. Anthony

    Officers Saves Drowning Woman

    Police Officer William Lauria and Sergeant Matthew Lewis were patrolling the boardwalk when a call came over the radio about a woman in distress in the water.
  4. Anthony

    Injured officer throws first pitch at Congress' ball game

    Capitol Officer Bailey honored at Congressional Baseball Game
  5. Anthony

    Chicago Police Officers Perform CPR To Save Premature Baby

    Two Chicago police officers have been credited with saving a newborn baby’s life, after the child was born premature in the basement of a home in Little Village.
  6. Anthony

    Chicago police officer rescues dog from Lake Michigan

    A Chicago police officer was at the right place at the right time when a dog fell into Lake Michigan. Watch the incredible rescue.
  7. Anthony

    Watch Police Save Puppy From Choking On Cheese

    A puppy choking on cheese is saved by police in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Two officers were responding to a report of a stolen vehicle at a gas station when they met the poor animal's frantic owner.
  8. Anthony

    Police officer's quick thinking helps save high school's graduation ceremony

    Escondido police Sgt. Shannon Martin saved the day for Escondido High School's graduating class.
  9. Anthony

    'It's OK, baby': Cop rescues fawn stranded on busy highway

    Raw video: Police officer saves baby deer in Ohio.
  10. Anthony

    Officer Rescues Young Boy Trapped Under Dock

    Florida police officer David Rhoden body camera caught the heroic rescue of the young child, who was found trapped underneath the wooden platform.
  11. Anthony

    Police Save Suspect Who Started Stabbing Himself Inside Car

    Police in Royal Oak possibly saved the life of a man who began stabbing himself during an arrest in the parking lot. When officers approached the vehicle, the man began stabbing himself several times in the leg with a knife. Officers broke the window of the vehicle and knocked the knife from...
  12. Anthony

    NYPD & FDNY Rescue Woman From Hudson River

    A late night rescue on the Hudson River.
  13. Anthony

    Body Cam Video Shows Officer Rescuing Family

    Body cam video shows Miami-Dade Police Officer rescuing a family.
  14. Anthony

    Hero Cop Hugs Boy With Autism Who He Saved After Falling Into Pond

    The police officer who saved a boy with autism after the child fell into a pond over the weekend has reunited with him, and is sharing the story of the heroic act. Elijah Hamby, 4, wandered down to the pond near his home in Topeka, Kan., Sunday. Officer Aaron Bulmer happened to be at the park on...
  15. Anthony

    Officer jumps into pond to save boy from drowning

    The Kansas officer was in the right place at the right time to save the 4-year-old boy from drowning. The body camera video shows the officer pulling the child from a pond.
  16. Anthony

    Dallas Officer Who Helped Save EMT Identified

    Dallas Police Sgt. Robert Watson is credited with helping save the life of the EMT who was shot.
  17. Anthony

    Pearland PD rescues ducklings from storm drain

    The rescue was caught on dashboard and body cameras. One of the officers got down in the drain, scooped up the ducklings and handed them to the other officer, who took them to the grassy area where their mama was anxiously waiting. After she had all of her ducklings back, the family was on...
  18. Anthony

    Cop Save a Man From Jumping Off Balcony

    Police body cam video shows an officer save a man from possibly jumping to his death.
  19. Anthony

    Palm Beach Gardens Police Department - Heroes for Hope

    Thank you to our local HEROES! We are proud to honor the courageous men and women of the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department. Thank you for serving our community!
  20. Anthony

    N.J. State Trooper helps deliver baby girl

    Trooper Christopher Gesualdo helped a woman deliver a baby girl on the side of Interstate 78 on April 6, 2017.