hiring process

  1. Anthony

    San Antonio PD recruiting officers in Dallas

    Officers promised signing bonuses and other incentives - in addition to "stable pension".
  2. Anthony

    CPD Recruitment Video 2017

    Attending the police academy? Looking to lateral transfer from another agency? The Clovis Police Department is continuously recruiting Police Officers with high morals and a passion to serve!
  3. Anthony

    Want To Be A Police Officer? CPD May Be The Place For You

    The Clearwater Police Department is always seeking qualified recruits for police officer positions. Here's a look at our recruiting video that offers a glimpse inside the police department to see what we are all about.
  4. W

    Hiring process

    Hello everyone. Currently in the hiring process of becoming a police officer and my oral board interview is scheduled for this Thursday. I am looking to see if someone has any helpful advice on what to expect to help me get through it?
  5. calvinroy96

    Do all PD in New Jersey use polygraphs?

    Just wondering if all departments in New Jersey use polygraphs during the hiring process?
  6. T

    I failed the psych test

    I passed every aspect of the hiring process last year to become a police officer. I failed the psych test, I was very upset, meanwhile I got into a career in security management. Do I have a chance to still become a cop, or did I miss my chance when I failed the psych test?
  7. J

    I am in the hiring process

    I am in the hiring process for a local Police Department and I have my oral board interview coming up in a few weeks. I have applied to several other departments in the last nine months and I can't get past the interview stage of the hiring process. Can you guys give me some tips or advice?
  8. N

    What happens after hiring steps

    For the sheriff department. Ive just completed the final step of the Hiring process, the medical. I have to go back next week to have my TB skin test results evaluated, but other than that I have completed and passed everything. My question is how do the next steps usually play out?