miami police vlog

  1. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: MLB All Star Week In Miami

    This Miami Police VLOG covers three days of the Major League Baseball All Star Week.
  2. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Armed Robbery Suspect Identified

    After showing a photo line up to a victim of a robbery, the victim is able to positively ID the suspect. We also distinguish the different kinds of questions and I even get robbed by a clown.
  3. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Hostage Negotiators

  4. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Motor Unit Escorts President Trump

    Finally, the Motor Unit VLOG! We catch up with Motors as they escort the president of the United States during his visit to Miami.
  5. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Fastest Cop in the WORLD?

    Former Professional runner Ofc.Novak spends some time with some kids at a local elementary.
  6. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: JAM Session with Walt

    Walt is back as the Guest Vlogger. He explains how the new JAM Detail works.
  7. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT School Graduation

    Finally we finish the SWAT school Series.
  8. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG- He Got Shot in the Butt

    Miami Police Department
  9. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: She's getting deployed to Afghanistan

    On the last day before her 400 day military leave, we rode along with Ofc. Paz and patrolled the area of Little Havana.
  10. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Police Memorial Week

    This week is National Police Memorial Week where we honor our fallen heroes. I got to to meet up with our Project Hero Team to help honor some of our own fallen heroes from Miami PD.
  11. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Patrol with Guest Vlogger

    Patrol VLOG with guest vlogger Officer Socarras.
  12. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: Police Vlogger

    A much needed update on the vlog. Some subs get promoted. Mikey has a tough time reading mail. Walt makes his return to the vlog. Some Q/A. AND FINALLY The VlogMobile is revealed.
  13. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: California Highway Patrol

    While attending the SMILE (Social Media In Law Enforcement) Conference in Long Beach, California. We presented on how we conduct our social media approach to different departments around the world. We also were nominated for an award, took #FlatCaleb along on an adventure, and had a bottle of...
  14. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: New Police Helicopter

    So here it is! Our new police helicopter. I apologize for not posting this VLOG earlier but we had our reasons.
  15. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: ULTRA MIAMI 2017

  16. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: FD Vistit

    You requested it so here it is. The Miami Fire Department VLOG! We rode with Fire Fighter Saavedra out of Station 9 in the rescue truck and fire truck. We responded to a fire and several medical calls. Enjoy!
  17. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT SCHOOL Week 3

    In their 3rd week of SWAT School the recruits are exposed to the water element of the school. See if all the candidates can stay a float in the last week. Stay tuned for the final conclusion of swat school coming out next week.
  18. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG Review: It Pays to be a Winner

    New segment we are going to try and incorporate.
  19. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT School Week 2

    Only 11 candidates remain entering Week 2 of SWAT School. Will they make it through firearms qualification?
  20. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG : SWAT School Week 1

    20 Candidates have started the school and not all will finish! Join our SWAT team for week 1 of SWAT school.