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    Sheriff Clarke has reportedly withdrawn acceptance of a DHS Security job

  2. Anthony

    No word on Sheriff Clarke’s DHS appointment

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    Dash cam footage offers new perspective of lakefront shooting

    Dash cam video released Thursday by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke shows the events that transpired when Deputy Michael Truax attempted to pull over an SUV driven by 19-year-old Terry Williams on Sunday.
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    Sheriff David Clarke says he's leaving for job in D.C.

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke announces he is leaving for DHS position
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    Sheriff Clarke on calls to run for Senate: That's very unlikely

    Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke on calls for him to replace James Comey at the FBI or run for Senate and efforts to curb the violence in Chicago.
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    Sheriff Clarke on Texas’s new sanctuary city bill

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the sanctuary city bill in Texas.
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    Sheriff David Clarke possible FBI replacement?

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on President Trump firing James Comey.
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    Sheriff Clarke: The DOJ is sending help to Chicago

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the shooting of two police officers in Chicago.
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    Sheriff Clarke speaks out against sanctuary cities

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the Trump administration’s battle against sanctuary cities.
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    Sheriff David Clarke and Larry Elder

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    Sheriff David Clarke - Trump’s Immigration

    Sean Hannity interviews Sheriff David Clarke and Geraldo Rivera about President Donald Trump's immigration agenda, building the wall, ICE officers, sanctuary cities, and federal funding.
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    Sheriff Clarke: Cops are no longer the bad guys to the WH

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. weighs in on the Trump Administration no longer demonizing police like President Obama did during his term.
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    Sheriff Clarke vows to use county resources to fight illegal immigration

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke vows to use county resources to help President Trump fight illegal immigration. Clarke says he will use Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies to enforce federal immigration laws.
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    Sheriff Clarke tells conservatives to 'stand and fight'

    Milwaukee sheriff expands on his CPAC message on 'Sunday Morning Futures'
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    Sheriff David Clarke Won't Rule Out Run

    Sheriff David Clarke Won't Rule Out Run Against Tammy Baldwin at 'Draft Sheriff Clarke' Party
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    Sheriff Clarke exempt from releasing immigration records

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that Milwaukee's sheriff does not have to release immigration detainer forms for people he's holding at his jail for federal authorities.
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    Lawsuit filed against Sheriff Clarke

    A Milwaukee man accusing Sheriff David Clarke of unlawfully detaining him has filed a lawsuit against the sheriff.
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    Sheriff Clarke Says Mainstream Media Has Abandoned Its Constitutional Responsibility

    Milwaukee County, Wis. Sheriff David Clarke stated that in continually criticizing President Trump, the media has abandoned its Constitutional responsibility to provide unbiased reporting on government to the American people.
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    Sheriff David Clarke sounds off

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke sounds off on Sen. Cory Booker's testimony against Sen. Sessions.
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    Sheriff Clarke on race relations under Obama

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on how race relations have worsened under President Obama.