1. Anthony

    Police Commissioner Welcomes 524 New Recruits

    "You’ll have days when your pride in this department and in yourselves and in your colleagues will lift you up like nothing else. But you’ll also have truly terrible days, days like we had yesterday when pain and grief push you down to a point where you’re not sure if you can get back up," said...
  2. Anthony

    Where is media coverage of attack on NYC officer?

    Officials state that mainstream media lacks coverage of NYPD Officer who was assassinated in her patrol car. The police officer has been identified as 48-year-old mother of three Miosotis Familia. The suspect, Alexander Bonds allegedly walked up and shot officer Familia through the window...
  3. Anthony

    On-duty NYPD officer shot and killed in unprovoked attack

    An on-duty New York City police officer was killed on Wednesday after a man walked up to her police vehicle and began to fire shots through the window, authorities said.
  4. Anthony

    NYPD Out And Proud

    June may be pride month, but the NYPD supports the LGBT members of the Department who keep the city safe and communities they serve every day. Whether it is marching up Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in the annual NYC Pride Parade or gathering in Headquarters with the Gay Officers Action League...
  5. Anthony

    NYPD Crime Stoppers

    On June 6, Mutual of America and the New York City Police Foundation hosted a reception highlighting the spirit of cooperation between NYPD Crime Stoppers, local media, the community and the NYPD Detectives who get the job done each and every day, earning them the title of “World’s Greatest...
  6. Anthony

    Suicide Prevention Message For NYPD Officers

    Help share this import message to fellow NYPD police officers that suicide is preventable- help is available. We teamed up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to raise awareness - everyone can make a difference.
  7. Anthony

    NYPD Body-Worn Cameras: What You Need To Know

  8. Anthony

    NYPD Steps Up Security In Wake Of Alexandria Shooting

    The department says it deployed members of the critical response command and the strategic response group to certain government locations.
  9. Anthony

    Controversy Over Plan To Monitor NYPD Surveillance

    Supporters call it responsible disclosure, but critics say it would be like giving a road map to terrorists and criminals.
  10. Anthony

    Former Commissioner Bratton Says US May Be Target Of Terror Once More

    Recent attacks in London and Manchester will only continue, according to former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, who says they could happen here just as easily.
  11. Anthony

    Reunited - NYPD

    Police Officer Sally Zheng stands roll call every night before she patrols NYC's subways. There was a HUGE surprise waiting for her at this roll call. Officer Zheng was reunited with retired Officer Ralph Torres who took care of her 20 years ago and she's been waiting to thank him ever since for...
  12. Anthony

    NYPD Beefs Up Security In Wake Of Manchester Attack

    Police have stepped up security around New York City in wake of the terror attack at a concert venue in Manchester, England.
  13. Anthony

    NYPD Connect - Build The Block

  14. Anthony

    An NYPD Minute (April 2017)

    As always, the NYPD had a busy month. Take a minute and see a few things that happened in April.
  15. Anthony

    Exclusive look at NYPD's security for Trump's visit

  16. Anthony

    NYPD Memorial Day Ceremony

    Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill posthumously honored 34 deceased members of the New York City Police Department on Friday. Thirty-three of those officers died of illnesses developed after responding to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, one officer was shot...
  17. Anthony

    NYPD Shoot Hoops In Brooklyn

  18. Anthony

    NYPD Youth Police Academy

    The New York City Police Department seeks to provide innovative and effective programs for the City’s young people. The Community Affairs Bureau, Youth Police Academy, is such a program. It is designed to establish a positive relationship between the Police Department and the City’s youth.
  19. Anthony

    NYPD Rolls Out Plan For Body Cameras

  20. Anthony

    NYPD Opioid Conference

    Police Commissioner O’Neill, NYPD executives, and some of the sharpest minds from various health organizations joined together to identify new approaches to tackle this fatal crisis. During the conference, PERF shared critical survey results and drug overdose statistics.