police chase

  1. Anthony

    Former KCK police chase suspect explains the decision to run

    Kelly Molder is someone who knows all too well about being involved in a police chase.
  2. Anthony

    Shooting suspect leads police on highway chase north of Toronto

    A suspect is in custody after a shooting followed by a dramatic car chase on a Toronto-area highway Wednesday morning.
  3. Anthony

    Wrong-Way Driver Was Trying To Evade Police

    Police say a suspect had 20 prior arrests before being arrested for a wrong-way crash which left a cyclist in critical condition.
  4. Anthony

    Low speed car chase ends in arrest of elderly woman

    Texas woman spotted driving the wrong way
  5. Anthony

    Woman Arrested, Officer Injured After Wild Chase In Stolen Car

    The woman made sure to light up a cigarette before officers wrestled her out of the car.
  6. Anthony

    Police scramble to capture wild boar

    Hong Kong police used riot shields, nets and other devices to catch a wild boar that was on the loose in the financial district.
  7. Anthony

    Deputy in hot water for interfering with Salinas police chase

    Monterey County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Davis threw a spike strip over the road in an attempt to halt a fleeing driver. The strip damaged a Salinas police officer's patrol car mid-pursuit, and the chase ended with an officer-involved shooting.
  8. Anthony

    Dashcam Video Released In Search For Suspect In Police Chase, Crash

    Mt. Juliet Police detectives have asked for the public's help in their search for a driver who led police on a chase which ended in a head-on crash.
  9. Anthony

    FWC searching for driver after smashing into officer's truck

    Driver smashed into officer's truck during high-speed chase
  10. Anthony

    Cocoa officer deploys Taser on driver after dangerous pursuit

  11. Anthony

    Police Pursuit Ends In Fiery Crash

  12. Anthony

    Woman Leads High-Speed Pursuit From LA To South OC

    The chase finally ended after she ran over spike strips.
  13. Anthony

    FBI, Police Search Bridgeview For 3rd Armed Robbery Suspect

    A manhunt was underway in southwest suburban Bridgeview, after three armed robbery suspects led police on a chase that ended in a crash overnight.
  14. Anthony

    Fort Worth Police Chase and Fire

    A group of Arlington firefighters headed back in to help after a police chase involving an 18-wheeler came to a fiery. It happened not far from a crash they had just cleared.
  15. Anthony

    Driver helps end police chase in Michigan

    A brave driver drove head-on into a fleeing suspects car, ending a dangerous chase.
  16. Anthony

    Naked man chased down by Hartford police

    For the second straight day, a naked man had to be chased down by police.
  17. Anthony

    Jersey City Fiery Crash

    A wild police chase through the streets of Jersey City ends in a fiery crash.
  18. Anthony

    Police find second suspect involved in high speed chase

    Suspect found hiding in shed.
  19. Anthony

    Suspect Killed in Police Chase identified

  20. Anthony

    Stolen DPD Bait Car Leads To Shooting

    A stolen Dallas police bait car lead to a chase and a shooting on Sunday night.