police departments

  1. G

    Very marketable

    Hi everybody. I live in California, I'm currently in college and I'm pursuing a major in Computer Science with a minor in Spanish. I'm hoping that my minor in Spanish will make me very marketable once I get out there and apply to some police departments. In your experience do you feel that is true?
  2. S

    Preference in military or a degree

    I'm currently in the Marines and would like to get into law enforcement when I'm finished with my service. Do police departments have a preference in military or a degree? I also plan to get a college degree in the near future.
  3. T

    How is the job search going?

    I plan on applying to alot police departments soon and I was wondering how is the job search going for everyone.
  4. P

    Facebook account

    Before I go out and apply to police departments, I wanted to ask how big of a deal is my facebook account?
  5. J

    How many Police Departments did you guys apply to?

    I was curious to see how many Police Departments did you guys apply to?
  6. grantcal

    Police Academies and Police Departments in Florida

    I will be moving out of state in the near future. I'm planning on going into law enforcement. Anybody on here know some good Police Academies and Police Departments in Florida?
  7. aykmike39

    Really bad credit

    Should I completely forget about becoming a police officer if I have really bad credit?
  8. D

    What can I do?

    I am currently a junior Criminology major, I plan on graduating in a couple of years. I will like to be a reserve, and if that doesn't happen I would like to volunteer wherever I can get a chance. What can I do to better prepare myself for my law enforcement future? When is the best time I...
  9. butlered791

    Drug use

    I'm in highschool and I would love to be a police officer. I have one major concern. About a week ago, I took a Xanax at my friends party. I know now that I was stupid for taking it, but at the time it didn't occur to me that it was illegal. I have smoked marijuana probably around ten times in...
  10. S

    Police Departments that allow tattoos

    I'm an Army vet, 6 years, and I'm two semesters away from receiving my BS. While in the Army I got myself a couple tattoos that can be seen while wearing a standard uniform. I recently handed in applications to a couple police departments but most of them seem to have adopted a policy on no...
  11. D

    Warrant question

    I wanted to ask do police departments in neighboring counties but not in the same state share information about warrants? I have a warrant in the next county over, I will take care of it real soon, but I wanted to know if the police officers where I live would know about it?
  12. S

    Can my family and their troubles keep me from getting a police job?

    I am 21 years old and looking to get into law enforcement. I'm currently working on my bachelors degree. I have never done drugs, and I have really good credit. The thing that makes me nervous is that my father and two brothers are always getting into trouble. It's always something, drugs...
  13. cmirmann

    How long did it take?

    How many police departments did you apply to before you were accepted? How long did it take before you got a job?
  14. J

    Resident of the state

    I wanted to know if police departments require you to be a resident of the state in which you are applying?
  15. J

    Will the tattoos on both my arms affect my ability to become an officer?

    Will the tattoos on both my arms affect my ability to become an officer?
  16. D

    I'm currently applying

    I'm currently applying to police departments and I have read on here how much time it took to get hired. How many applications did everyone send while you were in the process of applying?
  17. D

    RR Police replaced with TSA

    Good Evening, Tonight I had a talk with a UP Special agent, and he said that with in ten years the RR Police would probably be replaced with the TSA if a big incident happened. Why would the do that and how come RR Police Departments are small?