1. Anthony

    Man Arrested For Fatal Stabbing

    The body of a 29-year old woman has been discovered inside a cardboard box. Police found the victim in the back of a Lincoln Navigator. Dinuba Police found the victim while investigating 911 calls of gunfire and a stabbing. Police arrested Jose Anthony Rodriguez, 37, in connection to the...
  2. Anthony

    Man stabs girlfriend and bystander in Santa Fe

    This criminal complaint details a disturbing sequence of events and police say this man stabbed his girlfriend, then stabbed a person passing by.
  3. Anthony

    Wife Arrested In Valley Murder Case

    Police have arrested the wife of hairdresser Fabio Sementilli for his murder. Sementilli was stabbed and killed in his Woodland Hills home in January.
  4. Anthony

    Police dog recovering after stabbing

  5. Anthony

    Video captures fight, stabbing on KC bus

    Surveillance video shows a fight between two men on a city bus Saturday night. One man was stabbed.
  6. Anthony

    Double Stabbing In Waterplace Park

    The stabbing took place after crowds had already departed from the earlier waterfire event.
  7. Anthony

    Person stabbed in chest during domestic dispute in New London

    A person was stabbed during a domestic dispute in New London on Friday night.
  8. Anthony

    Man Charged In Subway Stabbing Of Pregnant Woman

    A suspect is facing charges after police said a pregnant woman and her friend were stabbed on the subway following a dispute. Derrick Wilson of the Bronx is charged with attempted murder, assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon charges, police said.
  9. Anthony

    Police Say McDonald's Employee Stabbed Co-Worker

    An argument between two McDonald's employees turned violent late Tuesday night as one of the workers pulled out a knife.
  10. Anthony

    Grandmother Booked For Murder In Triple Stabbing

    Nicole Darrington-Clark was found sitting in her car in San Bernardino a day after allegedly stabbing her daughter and two granddaughters.
  11. Anthony

    Police arrest man suspected of stealing property from victim

    Portland Police spokesman Pete Simpson said that George Elwood Tschaggeny, 51, a homeless man who lives near the Hollywood Transit Center, was arrested at about 3 a.m. Friday morning. Tschaggeny is suspected of stealing a wedding ring and backpack from Rick Best after Best was stabbed on the...
  12. Anthony

    Bail Denied For Girl, 16,Charged With Fatal Stabbing

    Bail has been denied for the girl charged with the fatal stabbing of the Uber driver in Lincolnwood.
  13. Anthony

    Police Save Suspect Who Started Stabbing Himself Inside Car

    Police in Royal Oak possibly saved the life of a man who began stabbing himself during an arrest in the parking lot. When officers approached the vehicle, the man began stabbing himself several times in the leg with a knife. Officers broke the window of the vehicle and knocked the knife from...
  14. Anthony

    Man Carrying Mom’s Severed Head Stabbed Store Clerk

    A 36-year-old man who allegedly killed his mother walked into a small town convenience store carrying her severed head. Once inside the store, the suspect stabbed a 66-year-old clerk. Other store employees tackled Joshua Lee Webb and held him down until police arrived. "He didn’t say anything...
  15. Anthony

    Stabbing suspect was carrying ‘human head’

    Deputies: Stabbing suspect was carrying ‘human head’
  16. Anthony

    Two arrested after driver is stabbed, hit by car in road rage incident

    A man and woman were arrested after police say a driver was stabbed and hit by a vehicle during a road rage incident Saturday.
  17. Anthony

    Man stabbed with screwdriver outside Medford coffee shop

    Man was stabbed in the face.
  18. Anthony

    Police offer reward for information in Morgan State student's stabbing

    Police offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the stabbing death of a Morgan State student Marcus Edwards.
  19. Anthony

    Three women stabbed to death in two days in Detroit

    Another discovery of a woman stabbed in a southwest Detroit neighborhood has law enforcement racing to catch a killer. Three women have been found murdered in just two days.