1. Anthony

    Dallas SWAT Activity At Hotel

    A large police presence Monday afternoon outside the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Hotel on Alpha Road north of I-635 in Dallas.
  2. Anthony

    SWAT team returns to crimeridden town

    In the wake of a scary hostage situation, a New Mexico police department has seen enough -- they're putting together a SWAT team.
  3. Anthony

    Chicago Police Department's specialized units on the lakefront

    CPD Video Series presents: A brief look at specialized units within the Chicago Police Department. The units of focus are the Marine Unit, SWAT Unit, Bicycle Unit and the Mounted Unit.
  4. Anthony

    'Armed and dangerous' intruder reported at Mass. mall

    SWAT team on scene in Saugus, Massachusetts
  5. Anthony

    SWAT Team Raids Man's House During Facebook Live Video

    A Facebook Live video was interrupted when authorities came to arrest its star. 22-year-old Breon Hollings was fanning out his money for the camera when he got some unexpected visitors. A Jacksonville Sheriff's SWAT team showed up to search his house. Hollings disappeared from view after he...
  6. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT School Graduation

    Finally we finish the SWAT school Series.
  7. Anthony

    Man freaks out at SWAT, crashes car

  8. Anthony

    Hostage situation ends with suspect killed after shooting at SWAT

    A suspect who barricaded himself inside of a mobile home park clubhouse in Bradenton is dead after a 6-hour-long hostage situation on Thursday.
  9. Anthony

    Police shootout in Tampa

    SWAT team searches for bicyclist who shot at officers
  10. Anthony

    Suspect's girlfriend killed during standoff with SWAT team

    A woman was killed SWAT team while police were trying to serve a warrant on her boyfriend
  11. Anthony

    Ask the Lynnwood Cop: The role of SWAT teams

    Lynnwood Police Sgt. Cole Langdon answers your public safety questions. This week: What do SWAT teams do?
  12. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT SCHOOL Week 3

    In their 3rd week of SWAT School the recruits are exposed to the water element of the school. See if all the candidates can stay a float in the last week. Stay tuned for the final conclusion of swat school coming out next week.
  13. Anthony

    SWAT situation ends on Westwood Northern Boulevard

    Person of interest taken into custody.
  14. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT School Week 2

    Only 11 candidates remain entering Week 2 of SWAT School. Will they make it through firearms qualification?
  15. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG : SWAT School Week 1

    20 Candidates have started the school and not all will finish! Join our SWAT team for week 1 of SWAT school.
  16. SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics YouTube

    SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics YouTube

    SWAT team training is aimed at equipping elite police units with specialized crime-fighting capabilities, according to Wikipedia.
  17. Lego SWAT - Breaching - YouTube

    Lego SWAT - Breaching - YouTube

    The Lego City Police SWAT Team has been called to a barricade situation. Multiple armed criminals have enclosed themselves inside a building. It is up to the SWAT Team to stop them!
  18. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: SWAT School Tryouts

    Ever wondered what it takes to get into SWAT? First thing is first, you must pass the tryouts. Tagged along with SWAT Cadre Ofc. Gals and he gave us the run down.
  19. Anthony

    Tacoma Police Killer Shot By Swat Team

    Tacoma Police Killer - After holding people hostage and using children as a human shield and firing at the police, A Swat team shot the man from outside the house, who died later in hospital.
  20. Anthony

    Atlanta SWAT hosts children's Christmas party

    It was a unique Christmas celebration at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding Monday. The Atlanta Police Department’s SWAT unit hosted the party for patients.