Another Kardashian example of how money can't buy class


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People hate this family and that makes them more famous. They must enjoy this kind of reaction from people who do not know them. I never knew about them before until I stumbled upon an article where the writer hated them with a passion. They are living their life to the fullest to be able to create this kind of reaction.


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Am i the only who got this here."Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"
I care not for the kartrashians,but love trolling them.It gives me a special feel,something words can't do justice to.
P.S : Can u add up another source for that link..?


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I wasn't able to see the link either. I agree with you all about the Kardashians. They need to go sit somewhere because they are a waste of space. They are famous for nothing and they need to go away from the limelight. I am tired of hearing about all of them.


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Lol I can't stand the Kardashian family. I have to say though Kim is one cute lady but the rest are ugly. Their voice just gets on my nerves and that squeaky laughing. Their making lots of money so I cant hate them for that.


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I can't see the link, but I agree, this is one crazy family! Actually I think Kim is the worst, especially with all her plastic surgery. She better stop now before it really gets out of hand. These people are addicted to attention. They are unable to maintain any type of normal relationship.


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I bet people hate this family because they are superficial. But they are raking in a lot of money thanks to the millions of haters who are still glued to the show.


As a society, we thrive on trashy celebrities. No one watches things like Little House on the Prairie anymore, because we are now all used to exploitation and obnoxious people. There is an ingrained need for humans to compare themselves to other humans to judge who is the leader of the pack (from caveman days). Supposedly that is why we are all staring at these celebs and judging our own actions against them.