Best way to position your Vehicle durning an accident investigation?


I was always taught to position my vehicle a good deal back from an accident and not to reenter my vehicle. I would walk to the front of the accident vehicles and advise the victims to do the same. I will usually look for the safest place I can find so when the passer by's decide it is time to join in on the accident we are have a big buffer zone. Once I am sure that we are all a good distance away from potential danger I will start my report.

What have you been taught or found protects you the best?


Staff member
It really depends on where the accident takes place and the severity of the accident. If I am in a 20 mile an hour zone I will keep my vehicle closer to the accident than if I were on a highway. If I am on a highway I will usually place my car caddy corner to the accident about 50 ft. behind with my flashers and lights on. Over time I have found that I will leave my car well beyond any point I will where I will be at risk. Unfortunately we have all seen the videos of the officers who have been hit by passer by s and I am not sure there is anyway to protect yourself completely.


Once I leave my vehicle I usually do not return until my report is done. I feel that when I am not in the care I have a better visual of everything around me. If I were in my car, even if I could see something happening it might take too long to react. I know that it is safer to be in a car if you were going to get hit, I just feel that I have a better chance of avoiding it if I am outside the vehicle.