Can the forum be expanded to incorporate other continents?


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Here in Africa, online involvement by the law enforcement agencies is virtually non-existent. My idea would be to have sections of this forums administrated by their respective police agencies worldwide. Consider it like being a portal for global law enforcement.


I like the idea, however I doubt something like this would work out too well. Seeing sections on a per country basis could be a good improvement. However this forum is US based, and we should respect that.


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I think it would be interesting to see what law enforcement is like in different countries. I don't think it would be difficult to implement, because it can just be it's own forum. Good idea.


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It's a great idea whenever the administrators of this website decide they want expand their focus and coverage of police stations within the United States. Law enforcement is a global practice and it's always nice to see how different countries and organizations are dealing with a particular problem. There is already much cooperation and information shared between local organization, why not expand that to a global focus as we become more and more interconnected these days?


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Agreed! Or at least other countries. I'd love to ask some Canadian officers some questions!


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This is superb idea, but wouldn't that take a bunch of time to create? I mean maybe a few "main" countries could be added or so seeing it would be just silly to try and add every single country. Great idea though, really good to think about how other countries are with their laws.


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I was about to post the same question. Open it up to other countries/continents so that there's a broader context for all discussions about the police. I think that way people would really get a sense of the pros and cons of their own police force.


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That's an interesting idea, but most likely wouldn't work well in practice.

Well for one thing, the policing system in other countries are different and not at all like America's. Like in the Philippines for instance, the policing system is nearly 100% corrupt, and it's officers act more like criminals than crime fighters, so these systems have a lot to hide and would likely not agree to participating in a police forum. And in parts of Africa, it's police system is definitely on the end of the Philippines, it's predominately corrupt, even more so, and is not really a police system at all. Their objective is to hide what they're doing, so they wouldn't participate in a police forum.

So you are right that it likely wouldn't work well.


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That would be really interesting to see. The only thing about that is I think they want to keep this site only for the US. Perhaps this would be good to start a new site with. If law enforcement is non-existent in Africa it might be difficult to get them to allow it. This one almost seems to be run by US law enforcement agencies. You would have to get your law enforcement there to agree to it and organize it. I would really like to see things like this world wide myself. I watched Australia's customs and immigration on youtube going through some interesting procedures with illegals. The main thing about what you are saying is security. National security its kind of tricky because each country would need to have separate sites. Not every single one is going to want to be exposed this way. Mexico would be another one of interest right now. Especially with our borders open.


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I think that this will be a good thing. The whole point is that law enforcement is other countries are so different. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of threads where we compare some of the different types of law enforcement throughout the world. It might give some of us some perspective.


Yes please! I would definitely do my best to share my experiences from New Zealand! You know our police don't actually have guns? They just have tasers. We do have the "Armed Offenders Squad" though and they have guns.


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I have seen posts from all different posters from around the world. While the main issues of the forum are ones involving the police in the United States, I don't think anyone is restricted from making threads about police incidents in their country.


I am sure the owners of the site would have no problem in expanding the scope of the site. Where this issue comes in is marketing to other countries. It is very hard to make a site that is appealing to countries around the world. Part of what goes into rankings around the world is your domain name, location of hosting and the like. So if you were to do a search for a particular topic in New Zealand you would get a different result than you would if you did that same search from within the US. So trying to get traffic from another country would become an issue. If a set of forums is setup to deal with New Zealand just as an example, you might get someone who posts a question under ask a cop and never gets a response because the only people who would even consider looking in that category would be people who live in New Zealand. This would drive many people away from the board.

I would love to see a regional board but I don't see that coming for a while with this board.


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I agree that it's a good idea, I know that in some African countries there is a lot of corruption, so it would be interesting to discuss that as well.


We'll I live in Switzerland at present (from England) and you do not cross a Police Officer here!!! They are so strict because they are so bored as crime is minimal. Give you an example: last winter I was driving my car when a cop pulled me over. The night before it had snowed and I had about 3 inches of snow on top of my car. So they pull me over, spoke in German (my german is limited) eventually I understood what was wrong after this police shoved a broom in my hand???!!!? He wanted me to brush the snow of my roof of car...... So yes that's how strict they are......... Unbelievable :)