Creepy clown terrifies town


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There are some lucky people with so much time on their hands; this crown can afford to stare at people all day. I would say, stare back as you walk away. I will never forget some advice I was given by someone, if you find crazy people, learn how to be crazier than them and they won’t bother you.


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I hate clowns! If this guy just stares at me, I would probably run scared. Worse case scenario - I would approach the clown and beat him to death. :(


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I do think this clown is not breaking any laws that I would know. I mean he is making some people feel uncomfortable just being around there. So I can see why police may now be concerned about the issue.


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I hate clowns and this would scare me - but I love horror and being scared, so I would definitely want to at least experience him.. then I'd run the other way. :) I wonder if it has any connection to the new season of American Horror Story.


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Maybe they're just practicing for their Halloween, you won't get much candies for a poor performance. Why doesn't anyone stalk them down and find out who they are?


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He isn't breaking any laws, but there will be someone who comes along and takes some kind of action. There are people out there who just like to push other peoples buttons and then cry foul when someone snaps on them and jumps them. The guy may have some mental issues and no one to take care of him also.

Teens In Crisis

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I don't really care what they're doing. It's not against the law to make people uncomfortable, actually, that's part of life. It's probably time to deal with it. Too many people are worried about what someone else is doing, and need to focus on their own drama.


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I have always been terrified of clowns ever since the movie "IT". I think that if I seen this clown staring at me I would just try to get as far away from it as I can. If it don't bother me, I won't bother it.

Rhoda D'Ettore

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I had no idea that in the midwest about a decade ago, there were creepy clowns doing the same thing. One guy used to just drive around in a clown outfit and wave to people. However, there were sightings of clowns near child abduction sites. It was thought someone was trying to mimic John Wayne Gacy and lure kids in then take them. I searched and no arrests were ever made, but there are still a couple clown suspects in the kidnappings.


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Just because he's dressed up it doesn't mean he can just simply do what he likes. Or put another way, if he wasn't in make up would he be allowed to do all these things?


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I should do that. I should dress up in like a mascot costume and just hang around town and stir people's curiosity so I can be on the news. I won't even do anything. I'll just sit with people at a bus stop or people sitting on a park bench and do nothing. Freak people out over nothing.


That is one creepy clown! I don't have a clown fear but who wouldn't be creeped out with an ugly looking clown just starring? Wonder what his motive is. What ever it is I just hope it's not luring little kids.