Motorola CP200D Battery


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Okay, this is another product that seems to be a great buy for the value. The Motorola CP200D is the newest and most popular version of the CP series radios. There are several different batteries for the CP200D ranging from NiCad to NiMh to Lithium Ion. One of the most popular batteries for the CP200D is the NNTN4497CR. The NNTN4497CR comes in both Motorola Original and Replacement Brands. We have tested out several of the most popular ones and found that the Command Tac NNTN4497 to bet the best for its price and quality. It boasts the highest milliamps on the market with 2800 mAh which can give you up to 48 hours standby time. The Motorola Original Battery only has 1400 mAh which to us is a bit over priced compared to what Command Tac is offering. You can find more information about the CP200D Radio Batteries by visiting HERE