NBA boycotts playoffs because of shooting.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by admin, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Here is my opinion. You want to make millions of dollars to entertain people. You are paid to entertain people. You are punishing people who have supported you for no good reason. I can understand that you want to see action but do you think that all blacks should be punished because many blacks run from the police? I could care less if you want to boycott, you face an apponent who doesn't fight back and doesn't carry a gun. Go hang out in Chicago, you will be in greater danger than you have ever been and it will all be by black lives that you say matter. The NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, professional soccer add nothing to making things better. They do nothing to improve the lives of blacks or make an effort to change the culture. I think most officers would agree that they would like to see black officers respond to calls that are with regards to other blacks. That would stop the black lives matter chants. If a black cop needs to protect himself the would have to be consider black lives matter. I would also like to see how a black who is complaining how they would stop someone who is resisting. What would they do if they were not listened to and a weapon was turned and used on them. Boycott your job and let blacks continue to break the law. You will never win at that game.

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