Officer Shot during gun battle dies

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    A San Antonio police officer has died following a shooting Thursday day north of downtown, police said Friday morning.

    Officer Miguel I. Moreno was Just One of 2 officers on patrol Around 3:40 p.m. from the 200 block of West Evergreen Street, at which they attempted to stop two men while reacting to a call about a suspicious person.

    "It is with heavy hearts that we share Our brother, Officer Miguel I. Moreno, #1603, succumbed to his injuries and passed off at 11:11 hrs.," the department posted to Facebook on Friday afternoon.

    Fire opened, striking because the officers got out from This car Moreno from the Mind, Julio Cavazos, and Also the other officer, in the chin said. One officer returned fire and hit the defendant, who died. Another person authorities tried to stop had been arrested.

    Cavazos includes a bullet lodged in his upper torso. He is in serious condition but is likely to live, McManus stated.

    Both officers have been nine-year veterans of the department.

    "The only thing those officers were going to do is conduct a field contact. That is all that they will accomplish," McManus said.

    The shooting Happened on the Edge of San Antonio College, That was Placed on lock down. Meanwhile, the lock down was raised after approximately 40 minutes.

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