Teen apologizes to lemonade stand owner

Discussion in 'Police Officer News' started by Anthony, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony Super Moderator

    Teen apologizes to lemonade stand owner in Lutz.
  2. cc1001

    cc1001 Well-Known Member

    Freaking sad and stupid.
  3. BadManRules

    BadManRules Well-Known Member

    Wow, you are evil. Congrats!
  4. Chris.oceguera

    Chris.oceguera Well-Known Member

    You know that thing called karma? It's coming for you real soon...
  5. blur92

    blur92 Well-Known Member

    What a POS! His dad should have worn a condom.
  6. cjdatk

    cjdatk Well-Known Member

    Well, there you go. The poor kid apologized. He won't do it again. LOL
  7. brookssteve317

    brookssteve317 Well-Known Member

    Wow. What a piece of work he is!
  8. ciorex

    ciorex Active Member

    This is what a lack of parenting looks like and leads to.
  9. butlered791

    butlered791 Well-Known Member

    Real bad parenting....or complete lack there of.
  10. cranberry87

    cranberry87 Well-Known Member

    We need to tattoo the word scum on his face.
  11. calicer1996

    calicer1996 Well-Known Member

    His family must be so proud...
  12. car4cher

    car4cher Well-Known Member

    A strong and responsible father figure would prevent stuff like this.
  13. angorb15

    angorb15 Well-Known Member

    Moms and dads, please get your children and get your shit together before it's just too late for them.
  14. BPBWessel

    BPBWessel Well-Known Member

    Just a poor and misunderstood good boy oppressed by white people....am I right?
  15. calpavb

    calpavb Active Member

    Unfortunately, this is all you can expect from the hood. Very sad.
  16. briancobb110

    briancobb110 Well-Known Member

    He looks so sweet, there must be some mistake.
  17. BryanOnAWire

    BryanOnAWire Active Member

    Straight to jail you fucking dirty scumbag.
  18. CandraLovell

    CandraLovell Active Member

    What is wrong with kids nowadays?
  19. bullbrand

    bullbrand Well-Known Member

    Big assholes mate with each other and then make little assholes.
  20. camsdad

    camsdad Well-Known Member

    I just don't understand people anymore....

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