What to wear under a Bullet Proof Vest


Our Department issued a order that all Officers must wear a vest while we are in uniform. Does anybody have any suggestions on what is best to wear under the vest to help keep you cooler? I don't mind wearing a vest, it is for my protection, but I sweat without it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You can get knock off under armour T-shirts at walmart which work pretty well at keeping you dry, however your uniform will end up showing all the sweat as it wicks away from your body. It will keep you a little cooler at about half the price of under armour.


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If you go to Walmart and buy Starter brand you are actually getting a Nike product since Nike bought out Starter. I know a few people who have told me that the Starter Brand Shirt works well, I haven't tried myself.


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I go commando...I'm just kidding. I also go with the under armour knock offs. They work just as well, and they cost less.