1. Anthony

    Mother drops off children at DFCS

    A mother is behind bars after police said she dropped her three children off a Department of Family and Children office and told an employee she wanted them to take her children. The employee said no, but police said the mom walked away anyway, leaving her 6-year-old daughter, 12-year-old son...
  2. Rainman

    Man vows to join Islamic State after arrest and kill the officer who arrested him

    Just yesterday I was wondering how cops react to threats of this sort. It's like everyone on the wrong side of the law now sees ISIS as their heroes. Two men arrested a month back said they'd join after they left prison, kidnap and behead an American. This other man though, actually threatened...
  3. headmaster

    Should one give out bribes to the police after being arrested illegally?

    I was once arrested illegally by the police and before getting me to the police station,They had already asked me for bribes of which I did not give out.
  4. Rainman

    Colorado Woman Arrested For Pointing Rifle At Children

    A boy playing a clarinet in his backyard so riled an elderly woman who lived next door that she had to spring into action. The rifle was not loaded but for threatening the children, the woman was arrested anyway and will be charged with Serves her right. How do you start threatening a child...
  5. Rainman

    Should Vigilantes Be Arrested?

    I read some article about a Taxi driver in NY who helps fight crime at night. Maybe there are more like him out there. Now, supposing such a person was found at a crime scene or actually helped take down one of the criminals, would he be arrested for that if say, he used excessive force?
  6. Rainman

    Mom Let Child Drive Because She Was Drunk: Cops

    Another mom in the news for the wrong reasons? Yeah. Police [in BRATTLEBORO, Vermont] arrested a mother after finding their car parked in the middle of the road. A real danger not just to the passengers of the vehicle but to other motorists. A trooper who saw the car upon getting closer found...
  7. KrustyKrabella

    Charles Belk wrongly arrested for being black and bald?

    Charles Belk is a TV producer who was visiting Beverly Hills for the weekend for the Emmys. He went out to feed a parking meter, and was immediately arrested for robbing a CitiBank. Black TV Producer, Charles Belk, Arrested By Beverly Hills Cops Who Thought He Robbed A Bank Here's his Facebook...
  8. KrustyKrabella

    Have you ever been arrested?

    I posted a few minutes ago in a thread about being a strict rule follower, but then I remembered I have actually been arrested before! When I first got married, my husband was an E1 in the Army and I worked nights as an auditor of a hotel. We had a baby and money was super tight. We let our car...
  9. M

    Wife of man who was strangled by police now arrested

    The husband was strangled by police, and the wife caught it on film. Around two days later, the police arrested her for allegedly assaulting another woman. This happened in NY, with the NYPD. Not sure if I am allowed to post links to the article, but a quick google search of Time's article on it...
  10. kwalsh477

    Retired DJ Dave Herman arrested in Virgin Islands

    Anybody remember this guy? Dave Herman, retired New York rock 'n' roll DJ at WNEW, busted in child sex sting in Virgin Islands, according to officials. Retired DJ Dave Herman arrested in Virgin Islands, accused of trying to arrange sexual abuse encounter with minor |
  11. Anthony

    New Hampshire woman lies to get out of ticket

    Carley Williams, 28, of Nashua lied about dying father to get out of speeding ticket was arrested. When State Trooper Christopher J. Cummings pulled over Williams for going 82mph in a 65mph the New Hampshire woman cried her way out of a speeding ticket. "I took her driver’s licence and asked...
  12. Anthony

    A homeless Chicago woman who has been arrested 396 times

    Chicago Police have arrested Shermain Miles 396 times in the past 35 years.
  13. J

    Do I have to inform the agency?

    When I was younger I was arrested (juvenile) for a misdemeanor. I completed a diversion program to have it expunged since it was my first arrest. After highschool I joined the army, I'm out now and I would like to be a police officer. When applying for a job, do I have to inform the agency that...
  14. J

    police officer never reads the person his rights

    If someone is arrested and the police officer never reads the person his rights, will the arrest be illegal and will the person get off?
  15. D

    When I was 14, I was arrested with for throwing rocks

    When I was 14, I was arrested with for throwing rocks at some homes in the neighborhood. I pleaded guilty to a city ordinance and I paid a fine. Later in life I had everything expunged. Will that show up when I go for a police job and if it does, will I be denied?
  16. T

    Would like to go into the law enforcement, but

    When I was 17, I got two speeding tickets. And at the age of 18 I was arrested and taken to jail for criminal trespassing. I am 23 now and would like to go into the law enforcement, will my past prevent that from happening?
  17. J

    If I call the police department will they tell me if he was arrested?

    I think my buddy may have gotten into trouble last night. I wanted to know if I call the police department will they tell me if he was arrested?
  18. meyerj941

    At what point do the cops have to tell the person what they are being arrested for?

    At what point do the cops have to tell the person what they are being arrested for? How long can they hold him without telling him?