1. Anthony

    NOPD urges suspects to surrender after one arrested in attack

    NOPD Chief Michael Harrison urged three other suspects to surrender after one of the attackers turn himself in to detectives.
  2. Anthony

    Man arrested for attacking people with hatchet

  3. Anthony

    Attack Stopped

  4. Anthony

    Man Attacked With Chainsaw

    The terrifying incident occurred Monday in a suburban office park.
  5. Anthony

    Man Bitten By Home Intruder

  6. Anthony

    Suspects Wanted In Attack On 14-Year-Old Boy

    Police are looking for a group of teens they say attacked a 14-year-old boy at a subway station in Queens.
  7. Anthony

    U.S. Hits Syrian Government Airfield With Missiles

    The U.S. military attacked a Syria government airfield with 59 Tomahawk missiles Thursday night. "I think what happened in Syria is one of the truly egregious crimes and shouldn’t have happened and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen," stated President Trump. They fired the missiles from...
  8. Bay Area Reacts To Attack - YouTube

    Bay Area Reacts To Attack - YouTube

    Bay Area Reacts To Attack
  9. Student attack 911 calls - YouTube

    Student attack 911 calls - YouTube

    911 call reveals details of weekend fight in St. Pete that critically injured USF student
  10. Anthony

    Police Hold Press Conference On London Attack

    There are "a number of casualties" including police officers in the London attack, officials said. According to authorities, four people were killed, including the attacker and a police officer. Twenty people were wounded in the terror attack in London. Additional information will be released...
  11. Anthony

    'Terrorist' Attack Outside British Parliament

    Authorities say a woman has been killed and several others have been wounded. Including a police officer who was stabbed near the British Houses of Parliament in London during a savage attack Wednesday that’s being treated "as a terrorist incident." House of Commons Leader David Lidington...
  12. Passengers Attack Ride-Share Driver, Causing SUV To Hit Vacant Home - YouTube

    Passengers Attack Ride-Share Driver, Causing SUV To Hit Vacant Home - YouTube

    Several passengers pummeled a ride-share driver as he was dropping them off overnight, causing him to crash into a home in the Brainerd neighborhood.
  13. Anthony

    Drunk hooligan viciously kicks woman down subway stairs

    Berlin police have released footage of a seemingly random attack in a subway station. A man who appears to be drunk kicks an unsuspecting woman from behind, sending her flying down the stairs.
  14. Anthony

    FBI releases new info about Ohio State attack suspect

    Fox News contributor Jillian Turner on the Ohio State University attack.
  15. Anthony

    Police praised for attack response at Ohio State University

    Suspect struck pedestrians with vehicle, got out and attacked students with knife.
  16. Bosnian Man Killed After St. Louis Hammer Attack - YouTube

    Bosnian Man Killed After St. Louis Hammer Attack - YouTube

    St. Louis police say they have arrested two juveniles and are seeking two other suspects after a Bosnian man was beaten to death with hammers. (Dec. 1) Subsc...
  17. Rainman

    Gunman Shoots and Kills One Trooper In Police Barracks - Pennsylvania

    On Friday night, a gunman or gunmen [it's not clear yet if there was more than one killer] ambushed police during a late-night shift-change. It was a surprise attack that gave the two state troopers no chance to defend themselves. One of the officers died instantly while the other was seriously...
  18. Anthony

    Latest Knockout Attack Caught On Camera

    Police are looking for the man who threw a sucker-punch at the unsuspecting victim. The incident happened Monday, on a Greenwich Village street in New York. Authorities said the victim was transported to a local hospital for pain and swelling to the face and head.