1. Anthony

    Driving Stoned Part 2

    San Diego Scientists Try To Find DUI Limit For Marijuana
  2. Anthony

    Driving Stoned Part 2

    Driving Stoned: With No Legal Limit, Specially Trained Cops Help Identify Impaired Drivers
  3. Anthony

    Driving Stoned Part 1: How Much Is Too Much?

    As California gears up for retail sales of marijuana in 2018, police are concerned about what more pot use could mean for highway safety.
  4. Anthony

    What's '4-20' going to be like in Santa Cruz this year?

    California voters legalized marijuana, but is using weed recreationally really legal yet? The answer is no.
  5. Anthony

    Traffic stop leads police to major marijuana bust

    More than 2,000 pounds of marijuana worth millions of dollars were confiscated in what’s being called the biggest marijuana bust in Clarksville police history.
  6. Anthony

    Ask Lynnwood Cop: Where is it legal to smoke marijuana?

    Lynnwood Police Sgt. Cole Langdon answers your public safety questions. This week: Now that marijuana is legal for adults in Washington state, where can it be legally smoked?
  7. Anthony

    Ask the Edmonds Cop: Where is it legal to smoke marijuana?

    Edmonds Sgt. Shane Hawley answers your public safety questions. This week: Now that marijuana is legal in Washington state, what are the rules about where you can smoke it?
  8. Anthony

    More than $1 million worth of marijuana seized in drug bust

    It may be a legal product in the proper quantities in some states, but this shipment of high grade marijuana from California, which was discovered here in Maryland has landed 28-year old Harold Morris and his girlfriend, 26-year old Sherrie Miller, in some big trouble.
  9. Anthony

    Alliance man asks police to help him find his marijuana

    Alliance man asks police to help him find his marijuana.
  10. RingoBerry

    How Do They Get Rid Of Confiscated Marijuana?

    I am not well informed about these things but I did hear from a convention I attended during my High School years that confiscated is disposed of by burning. If they are burning it, won't the officers in charge of disposing them be affected by the smoke? I'm sorry but I really don't know these...
  11. O

    Cops with Medical Marijuana Cards?

    Now that Medical Marijuana is legal in many states (and recreational is now in a couple as well), what are law enforcement's views on hiring cops with medical marijuana cards? I understand that on a federal level marijuana is still illegal, but I don't see why cops local within municipalities...
  12. camsdad

    Marijuana Decriminalized in Philadelphia.

    Shortly after Washington State and Colorado lifted their marijuana restrictions, other cities and states started to follow in their footsteps. Not too many places actually made it completely legal. Like in my city of Philadelphia (P.A) on Monday our mayor signed a bill that would decriminalize...
  13. helaofthenorns

    Reporter quits on-air to pursue marijuana activism

    Talk about fighting for your principles, right? At least she has the guts to quit for something she believes in. Read here.[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. True2marie

    How are cops handling citizens in states where marijuana is legal?

    I live in Washington state. Marijuana is legal here. So, more than ever, people are smoking this drug out in the open. For me, this is a problem. Just as with cigarettes, the smell of marijuana is potent. I hate it. Smokers of marijuana don't seem to get that everyone isn't into their...
  15. D

    We both have court next week

    My friend and I were out getting something to eat. A police officer pulled him over for speeding. The officer found the 4 ounces of marijuana we had in the vehicle. We both have court next week. It is our first offense, what can I expect to happen?
  16. butlered791

    Drug use

    I'm in highschool and I would love to be a police officer. I have one major concern. About a week ago, I took a Xanax at my friends party. I know now that I was stupid for taking it, but at the time it didn't occur to me that it was illegal. I have smoked marijuana probably around ten times in...
  17. N

    Will the drugs prevent me from getting into law enforcement?

    I have a question about the hiring process in law enforcement. When I was 17, I started using illicit drugs for a couple of years. It was mostly marijuana. I did get treatment for it, and subsequently have not used any drug or alcohol since then. I'm 22, with a bachelors degree and beside the...
  18. halberg

    scent of the marijuana

    I have a buddy who brought a ziplock bag of pot in my car without my knowledge. He never opened the bag in my car. If I get pulled over would the sniffer dogs be able to pick uo the scent of the marijuana bag that was there three weeks ago? What can happen?
  19. W

    What are the consequences of a police officer finding marijuana in a vehicle

    What are the consequences of a police officer finding marijuana in a vehicle and the passenger didn't know about it?
  20. U

    What is the penalty

    Hi guys. I live in Arizona and wanted to know what is the penalty for getting caught with 1 oz or less of marijuana? Thanks in advance.