police academy

  1. Anthony

    History Repeats Itself For LAPD Academy Grads

    Two recent graduates of the LAPD Academy were surprised to discover they have something special in common – and it has to do with their badges!
  2. Anthony

    BLEA 749 Class Video

    Washington State, Criminal Justice Training Commission, Basic Law Enforcement Academy Class 749. 02/16/2016 - 06/22/2017. Video created by OFC. McMullen.
  3. Anthony

    Bergen County Police Academy

    BCPA P.O. Class 118
  4. Anthony

    Toronto Police Community Police Academy

    As a provincial youth outreach worker, Michael Kissi often encounters young people who are troubled, frustrated and have an opinion about police. When he poses the question as to how many of them have had a negative interaction with Toronto police, about three to four of them in the group...
  5. Anthony

    Waco Jr Police Academy learn to investigate

    The Waco Junior Police Academy learned the ins and outs of being a crime scene investigator today.
  6. Anthony

    Citizens Police Academy 2017

    Citizens Police Academy 2017 Jackson, Michigan.
  7. Anthony

    Metro Citizens Police Academy

  8. Anthony

    VLOG 20 - Citizen's Police Academy

    In this VLOG, we attend an awards program and graduate our 2017 Spring Citizen's Police Academy. The Academy is a 10 week program held once a week where citizens from our community get a behind the scenes look at some of the training and situations we go through.
  9. Anthony

    Chicago Police and Firefighter Training Academy graduation

    This short video highlights the Chicago Police and Firefighter Training Academy's 18th Annual Graduation that took place on Friday June 9th, 2017.
  10. Anthony

    DPD Officer Watches Son Graduate Police Academy

    26 officers graduated from a Dallas Police Academy on Friday.
  11. Anthony

    Richmond County Sheriff's Office Citizen Police Academy

    The Richmond County Sheriff's Office Citizen Police Academy Class 9 Range day
  12. Anthony

    Keto Diet - Police Academy & Training

    I'm training my body for the police academy and need to figure a new set of macros to accommodate rigorous workouts. I'm taking the ketogenic diet with me to the academy.
  13. Anthony

    Greeley Police Recruit Academy Week 5

  14. Anthony

    Greeley Police Recruit Academy Week 4

    Learn how you can become a member of a proud group of dedicated professionals at the Greeley Police Department
  15. Anthony

    Pensacola Citizens Academy

    Week 7 Pensacola Police Department
  16. Anthony

    Cleveland’s 136th Police Academy class graduates

    Mayor Frank Jackson swore in the 46 graduating police officers and two fire department arson investigators of the 136th academy class.
  17. Anthony

    Mobile Police Academy Community Engagement

    The Mobile, AL Police Academy cadets stopped by Harmon Community Center for a new part of their training that includes community engagement.
  18. Anthony

    NYPD Youth Police Academy

    The New York City Police Department seeks to provide innovative and effective programs for the City’s young people. The Community Affairs Bureau, Youth Police Academy, is such a program. It is designed to establish a positive relationship between the Police Department and the City’s youth.
  19. Anthony

    Citizen's Police Academy: Lowndes County Spring 2017