police academy

  1. Anthony

    Taking Live Firearms Out Of Citizen's Police Training Academies

    North Port's Police Department holds an annual citizen's police training academy. Unlike the Punta Gorda Police Department, the academy is done with digital simulations and firearms capable of shooting live ammunition never even enter the classroom.
  2. Anthony

    Stafford CSI - Citizens' Police Academy

    The only police officers most of us know are our favorite characters on prime time television. On this week's Stafford CSI, John Woods joins the Stafford Police Department to discover the world of real life law and order.
  3. Anthony

    Family night at Cincinnati Police Academy

  4. Anthony

    NYPD Officers Graduate The Police Academy

    Hundreds Of New NYPD Officers Graduate The Police Academy
  5. Anthony

    Community Police Academy

    Applications are being accepted for an informative day of interactive training on topics such as patrol operations, laws of arrest, internal affairs, and community engagement.
  6. Anthony

    West Melbourne Police Department Citizens Police Academy 2017

    WMPD's 2017 Citizens Police Academy
  7. Anthony

    Ask the Lynnwood Cop: Citizens Patrol Training Academy

    Lynnwood Police Sgt. .Cole Langdon answers your public safety questions. This week: The deadline is April 7 for citizens to apply for the May 2017 Lynnwood Police Citizens Patrol Training Academy. Sgt. Langdon explains what members of the Citzens Patrol do and what the training involves.
  8. Anthony

    Miami Police VLOG: The Police Academy

    Here is a look at our Miami Police Academy. If you applied and get hired this is just a glance at what your 6 months of academy training will look like.
  9. Anthony

    Providence Police Sees More Diverse Academy Yet

    According to the mayor, 70% of this academy will be minorities and women.
  10. Anthony

    Hollywood Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy

    Overview of the 12 week Citizens' Police Academy put on by the Hollywood Police Department.
  11. Anthony

    The Police Academy

    The Police Academy
  12. Anthony

    Pasadena Police Dept. 71st And 72nd Police Academy Graduation

    Pasadena recognizes graduates of the newest class of Police Officers.
  13. Onthemark

    NYPD Youth Police Academy Graduation Ceremony

    Congratulations to the 2,000 young New Yorkers who graduated the Youth Police Academy. The NYPD initiative connects the City's youngest residents with their officers during summer vacation and lets kids get to know the cops in their communities. Police Commissioner Bratton presided over the...
  14. Anthony

    Albuquerque Police Department APD Academy Class 110 Week 8 Taser

    Albuquerque Police Department APD Academy Class 110 Week 8 Taser
  15. O

    Cops with Medical Marijuana Cards?

    Now that Medical Marijuana is legal in many states (and recreational is now in a couple as well), what are law enforcement's views on hiring cops with medical marijuana cards? I understand that on a federal level marijuana is still illegal, but I don't see why cops local within municipalities...
  16. V

    Basic Workout Plan For The Police Academy

    My workout is pretty basic right now I switch off every other day between cardio and pushups/situps/pull ups. Should I add some other exercises into the mix?
  17. Q

    I'm training

    I'm training for the police academy, and I'm having problems with pushups. I've been working real hard for the past two months training to increase my pushups. Any suggestions?
  18. J

    physical aspect of the police academy compare to military basic training

    I was wondering how does the physical aspect of the police academy compare to military basic training?
  19. S

    What to expect on the first day at the police academy?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what to expect on the first day at the police academy?
  20. T

    Getting myself ready to begin the police academy

    Hey everybody! I'm getting myself ready to begin the police academy, I was just wondering what is it like mentally and physically. What can I do to prepare for it?