1. Anthony

    Cook County Police To Help CPD

    Deputies will help patrol Chicago's Far South Side in hopes of tamping down potential violence.
  2. Anthony

    Wichita Police Department's Efforts to Reduce Violence

    Chief Gordon Ramsay discusses the what WPD is doing to combat violence in our community.
  3. Anthony

    Facebook calls for violence at Pride Parade

  4. Anthony

    CNN: An advocate of violence against Trump?

    First Kathy Griffin stages a 'stunt' with a likeness of a beheaded Trump and now Time Warner, CNN's parent company, sponsors a controversial play where a Trump lookalike is killed.
  5. Anthony

    Chicago Police Report A Decrease In Murders, Shootings

    Say decrease in violence is not a victory, but progress.
  6. Anthony

    Chicago adding cops to stem violence

    Dana Bash asks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel why he did not push sooner to hire more police to curb escalating violence in his city.
  7. Anthony

    Police making progress in investigating recent violence

    Police said they are making progress in their investigations into several murders and shootings during a violent weekend in Baltimore City. The city is experiencing its highest homicide rate in decades.
  8. Anthony

    Murders in Baltimore: More than a number

    Families in Baltimore are left heartbroken by violence.
  9. Proposal to reduce violence in gate City - YouTube

    Proposal to reduce violence in gate City - YouTube

    Reduce violence in gate City
  10. Anthony

    4 injured, 1 dead in separate weekend violence

    Weekend violence in Baltimore.
  11. Anthony

    LMPD calling on parents to help stop youth violence

    Louisville Metro police are calling on parents to talk to their kids about gun violence.
  12. Anthony

    What’s causing the violence in Chicago?

    Brunell Donald-Kyei of the Trump Inaugural Diversity Coalition CMTE on the increasing violence in Chicago
  13. Anthony

    Chicago violence claims one child a week

    There were 762 murders in Chicago in 2016, a particularly deadly year for the city. CNN's Rosa Flores reports on what is behind the killing spree.
  14. Rainman

    Should All Cops Learn Martial Arts?

    Not just basic self-defense. A police officer who can defend himself without having to use a weapon unless it's called for, can be of great value especially when responding to an issue relating to domestic violence. You want to restrain someone, not shoot or taser them then asking questions...
  15. helaofthenorns

    Noisy neighbors

    My husband and I have always been bothered by our noisy neighbors. They would always have parties that last until midnight. Sometimes, they would have shouting matches that worry us because these might lead to violence. I want to call the cops, but I don't want them to confront us for doing...
  16. Ricardo187

    What to do when you witness domestic violence?

    All right, I was on the supermarket parking with my mother when I started hearing an argument between a wife and husband, both gypsies. (Not trying to be racist there, but in Europe Gypsies are known to do violence and revenge and such, therefore considered as dangerous to mess with.) The man...